Thursday, August 4, 2016


The design mental harm done to African American forced upon them is incalculable. We are now asking if this evil is better. This is evil racism, there is no better evil, and there is no better racism. This calulated damage is never without presenation. The needed goal is to destroy the truth about the image of the racist. The people who have a need to fear equality, and justice, describe themselves as superior to other humans. This notions defys sanity and truth. The

first step toward superiority would be to know how to live with other humans in peace, and without fear of equality and compitition. The American racists has never learned how to do this. This is seen with the present condition of the social structure in this country. We are taught to be a country full of insane people, fill with sadistic murders. We have deny this truth and self scrutiny.

The American racist are allways in need to look for a place of mental comfort by projection. This is the only way that this system can pretend sanity. There is a need to boster, brag and lie to pretend that there is a sense of morality, character, and intertgerty that exist with the reality of cruelity, brutality, and barbaric behavior that Americans are guilty of. The affort to maintain this fantasy is often seen with the control of the media. There is nothing that is feared more by these xenophobias than the threat of truth and exposure. There is more than five-hundred years

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