Friday, July 22, 2016



I  always support the disadvantage. I believe that the lady under the bridge is as important as the first lady in the white house. I know that any other belieif is evil. I expect anyone that I vote for to have the same humane feelings as I have for other people. I have held back all opinions of President Obama, until now. I knew when he was in office that he would face America, racism. America, is giving him hell. It was no accident that Obama became president. I knew that the system had a motive that allowed him to become president. The motive was for the American racist businessmen to get into Africa. Obama and Hillary is the gate way to continue the exploitation of Africa for its wealth. I voted for Obama because I am always for the oppressed, even  while I knew that he was bought. I felt protective of him. I knew he would be used. I voted for Obama both times for the wrong reasons. I never like his policies as a President and I was not surprised about him. I know how America operates when  it comes to racism.

I am never impressed with black people in power in America. Most Africans who hold positions in this system are " racist team players." or "good ole boy and gals." These people know their talking points and never step from the view of the white Africans, this reality caused me to fear Obama. I voted for him because I knew that he would be abused because he was black. America is racist to the core.  I am old, and have years of exprience with human behavior. I am good as the judge of right and wrong or good from evil.

I have never been influenced by the lies that black people are not qualified for the highest office, I am aware of the truth and exposure of the white supremacy and black inferiority, lies, I know that these lies are pathetic. I hear the racist in this country infer that I should be impressed because of the insulting tokens, such as the first black President, the N…Word, Dr. Martin Luther King holiday. I am not impressed because no one has ever convinced me that black people were inferior and white people are superior.  I know that this insult is used to subliminally teach the white supremacy lie.  I know that there were many black men who are murdered, and who could have been President. In President Obama’s second term, I saw the reason for a America wanting a  black President. America wants to bring big business in Africa. President Obama is used as the bridge in Africa. Remember the African summit that was held in Washington?

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