Monday, July 10, 2017


America is a ' just-us-white people society with white privilege, and  entitlement.  By any name, it is no different than the welfare that are received by the worlds greatest bums. The euphemisms  will never change this fact. People in this country are  indoctrinated enough to believe that it is is not racist to start with the inequality, white privlege, and entitlement for only people with white skin. We believe that it is right to allow a  woman to sleep under the bridge while hauling money to the wealthy. This is evil. The people who came to America from Europe came with the intentions of gaining economic and social status. They are ready to divorce from all morralities. The Europeans history reports  that  jails and insane cells were emptied and  those people  came to America and Australia. This gave this country ready for their liack of  morality, integer, and evil hearts. They were known to the Europeans as criminals,barbarians, heathens and salvages. This reality caused the need to use lies,  such as a false white "race" of people, who has the need to be against others. This need is based on the fear of  truth, and  inability to achieve in a competitive world. All cultures are  a competitive threats.  This truth causees a need for extreme cruelty against other humans who were not aware of this sick need. When these people gain the knowledge of the gun, and gun power  from China, they were ready for a brutal war against any culture that would stop their chance for normality. This is the behavior from the birth of the racist white Africans.

This is the birth of people who are the worlds greater murderers, liars, and fear that  the truth of "race lies are exposed. These people have learned the art of religious mind control. America have more than five-hundred years of lies and destruction of the people who the racist believed to be the greatest theat to the white supremacy and black inferiority lies. The word "race" is used to place this lie in place.  Lies are the tools that are used to keep racism in place. There is no  foundation of a species of a white "race" The origins of all modern humans is Africa.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Americans greatest fear is the subject of racism. This cruelty wants peace while victims are in pain. I have experienced the brutal suffering and I now see the racist looking for a way to minimize this immorality. This causes a need to resort to a psychotic state with the notion that there is a place for humanity with this evil. My family and families, family are the targets of destruction of racist America. Americans insist on using the word "race." This word is used as a tool, that is designed to maintain white privilege, entitlement and inequality. As with all cases when a false reality is exposed, it also exposed the liars. With the most ignorant people, this is very embarrassing. In spite of this fact, we are to ignorant to process information. The teaching of the ;race; lie caused us to loose the ability for critical thinking. Americans are very fatuous, and sycophantic. This behavior is insulting, sarcastic , immoral,  insane and then denied. This is the typical American racist liars defense..

 Most white Africans  have only known one experience in this country and this experience is  being racist.  This typical behavior removes awareness of how racist that the racist are. This is the only experience that we have experienced on this subject. We are taught that there is something about pigmentation that should allow white privilege, entitlement, and inequality. This illogical thinking should insult the most retarded person among us, but we are too racist to be aware that we are racist. This state of mind reduces really into insane fantasy. This truth cause craziness, projection, and  subliminal self hate, where a pacifier is always needed to avoid  truth and exposure. . The favorite racist pacifier is used to avoid the subject is the tool of denial. We often talk about freedom of speech, but there are millions of defenses to avoid the exposure of the bare cruel truth about  the teaching and  the implementing of racism is within this country. America is the mother of racism.

I once heard Bill Press say that anyone who compare America with Nazis should be disqualified as someone to believe. This statement should not have surprised me because I often hear racist accused others of being racist. This acculization is used to silent the victims of a chance for theropy. The racist want to continue this evil in peace.  They never look toward a mirror. An example of this is I often hear the racist talk about black on black crime. These people are the last to enter the stage of mankind and have a history of the most brutal behavior against other humans. wherever the racist travel. America depends on this kind of ignorance, arrogance, and denial  of the people to be able to lie and hide how evil the people in this country really are. We are around the world accusing others of terror. America is the mother of terror. As a victim of this racist government and to realize that the president does not know the truth about racism in a country that he control is traumatic for me.  Perhaps it is time for Trump and Pence to admit that they are Homo sapient from Africa. It is also time for coward American racist to talk to someone black who will tell them the truth. If there was not such fear of truth, maybe we would understand that people around the  world want the same security from harm that we demand. Remember, it is not the people who we are taught to fear who created the weapon of mass destruction.



Trump's response to black lives matter is typical racist. He believe that all the lies that American teaches us about black people. This teaching is ignorant is over five-hundred years old, yet, most American denial that Americans are racist. Like most of us, Trump or Pence are very much in denial about the cruelty in American. Neither of them can face the reality that white privilege and entitlement welfare have anything  to do with their success. I have heard them both say that there is  no institutionalized racism in America. Trump is so ignorant about racism until he is insulting, sarcastic, and in indenial. Is he  dumb enough to think that white privlege and entitlement has nothing to do with the conditions that black people are in? This extreme denial is the description of insanity. It take no brains to understand that white privlege, entitlement, and inequality makes it impossibility for equality, justice, of fair competition from white Africans and others? His denial is desperate and needy. Both he and Pence will accept the white supremacy and black inferiority lie any way that they can ger it. I fear Pence more than Trump.

This is a plunge into insanity. They both are convinced that people in this country are so dumb that after enslavement of black people, hanging,  castration of black men, murding embryos, cutting unborn babies from the stomach of black mothers  for the eugenics experience, cuting a baby from the body of Mary Turner and stomping it to death white the crowd cheered. experience that both of them have ever had with racism is the receiving of benefits from the cruelty. They will never face the fact that America designed program to destroy the black families, or the damage that is done to black people who have never received equality in America. He ignores the fact that America has a different meaning to white people than it does  for people who have never received any form of equality but the false word of emancipation. Mr. Trump shoud think about  the definition of the words, white privlege, entitlements, and inequality; this make emancipation for black people  impossible. Trump would never faces the reality that white privilege and entitlement welfare had anything to do with his success. He is so divorced from reality on this subject that his reaction to racism in America is insane. His response to "Black lives Matter" is to send more police into the black neighbors to kill more black people. He will never face the fact that America design programs to destroy the black families, or that the racist fear equality. He has a need to believe that in spite of slavery and the parasites who received the wealth from the labor of black people, it is the victim who are  are lazy.  He despises the idea of feeding  the deprived humans who the majority of the people who Americans used to build or fight for this country. He forgets that America gave money to rebuilt Europe after world war II. People like Trump and Pence are so much in denial that they both become angry when anyone tell them that they are racist. They are both smart enough to know that to be racist is an admission of being ignorant. 




Wednesday, March 1, 2017




I am an American black woman and  I have never had a reason to  follow the Hillary Clinton female whine. She and I have nothing in common. Hillary is not a kind or humane person, and she is without empathy for others. This mother of evil is obcessed with an issue that is minor in light of human suffering. Hillary has no source of connection to kindness. Kindness is found within the head and heart. This knowledge comes from the ability for one to treat others as they wish to be treated.  I believe that when there is a kind heart found within an individual, that there is no need to read a book that is written by strangers who is never met, to know right from wrong or good from evil. With my personal exprience, I know that this is the gift that I need to guide me in judging the character of others humans. Hillary and American Christians or void of these emotions.  Hillary is  so divorced from the needs of others people until she cannot artiulate her own  presidental platform. This cause her to sound like a chameleon. She has to wait to hear kindness from others to be able to pretend to be kind.  Her record shows that she is willing to go into different countries where the welfare and cruelty of women and children are brutally viladated and to ignore humans rights. She has  rapped the country of Hatti. There are women and children there who are suffering from Colera and dirty warter while she used the money that was given to her foundation, to give her daughter a three million dollor wedding. When there is a good heart and head, the reference is common sense to understand the character of power hungry people like Hillary. 

difference in the wages of minorities wotakemen in America than there is with white women. She has never said one word about cleaning out her own gender house. I do not under her problem and her complaints against men. I love men just as they are. I remember when bimbos like her use to carry smelling salt and would faint with one short notice. Now she want women in combat boots.  I love men just the way they are. However, I cannot say the same about women. Where were the females over five-hundred years ago on evil matters against other females? As a black woman, I am well aware that I can die for having black skin, but not for my gender. I have always found it useful for me to decide what is in my best interest instead of the need to follow others. I am great in defining my concerns and I understand  white privlege, entitlement, and inequality.

If I had committed the evil criminal acts that evil  Clinton have, I would be in jail or hell. Both Hillary and Trump are deadly to black Americans, but Hillary main goal is to colonize Africa again. She want to open the doors to allow wealthy Americans to go there and finish raping this Continent  This woman is as evil as hell. Why is she connected to Margret Sanger whose goal was to exterminate "Negros" Hillary said she love her vision. Why did the people not get Bernie Sander while allowing mainstream media and Hillary to steal the primary? I have often ask, how many black people who voted for this evil woman know about her connection and feeling with putting human rights second to the economy in China.  It behooves us to run to the front of a line to see who we are following. Because I like logic,  if I dismiss myself from thinking, that the fake news, crooked media, and indoctrination will have me believing in a European God. I would then be instructed not to ask questions, and would not understand that  the fear of truth and exposure.  these created a system of cowardice's to avoid a discussion about racism from black intellects. The only black people who are allowed to debate is when the racist control the narrative, and the black promotes racism, is vetted, and with a destroyed minds.

The racist are are not aware that they are insulting, sarcastic, arrogant, and ignorant, and worst they are to small to care. The ignorants does not allow them to understand that they might be embarrassed if the would stop denial of truth. Perhaps they would then understand that their ability to abuse power at home causes hate around the world.  the racist might be that most people around the world understand their ability for abuse of power, cruelty, and lies, the power of the press, and mind control. The Americans are too racist to know that they are racist. American racist believe that Black people should pay allegiance to a flag that allowed white people privileges, and  white skin entitlements.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017



The racist cowards in this country, surround themselves with the minorities who are brain destroyed. The racist love the ' Good ole boys and gals' the black men who has been taught to despise blackness are the stars of mainstream media, and who are  destroyed with self hate. This behavior from the racist mediais necessary to avoid truth and exposure. The goal is to prepare black people who are not threatenin to racism, and who approve of the mistreatment of other  minorities. The mainstream media is the tool that is used to destroy the minds of the American people. The against method is to stigmatize words to use as tools of control. Examples of words are racist, race bating, playing the race card'. The Americans response to these words as if we are train dogs. The racist media and the racist hate casino owners created the race card.and the complain about minorities playing the race card. This false notion protects the bigots from truth. Racism in American is so cruel that we are all taught to deny this reality.

Racist in this country are cowards with the fear of truth and exposure. America has created a system where the mainstream media destroyers any minority who speaks the truth about the evil practiced of racism in this country. An Example of this is that Americans are taught that black people are monolithic. America choose the destroyed blacks whose minds are lost with self hate. The goal is to continue the false notion of  white supremacy and black inferiority. The only way that this lie can stay in place is to avoid talking to a black person who is not mentally destroyed,  such as Farrakhan, Reverend Wright, Micheal Dyson or Mitchell. Anderson. These are black who are never allowed on the stage of racist debates. We are taught that Farrakhan is a lying "race bater'"

The truth is that he is a lightweight from the full truth about the lack of character, morals, integrity, and the heartlessness of the racist, and the brutality, evil, and cruelty from the hidden of truth of the racist in America. The level of racism is a reality of such atrocities as the Mary Turner incident: A mob of Americans entertained themselves by hanging a black pregnant mother, set her on fire, a man from the crowd then came forward, cut the baby from the stomach of the dead mother, the baby then gave out a cry, and the man stomped the baby to death. There is the Sam Hose case where  orgies of sickness exploded where after this murder, Hose was cut into pieces and used as souvenirs. Another one of many  examples of American racist attitude against truth is that Billie Holiday Day was baned from most clubs because of her recording of "Strange Fruit".The message from her song was about the many black people that the racist hang. This is an example of how insulting it is for the black Americans who suffered every kind of evil that is imagine by the mothers of evil.  Racism in this country is much worse than most of us can describe, and that is the secret that racist fear the exposure. They are now pretending that it is racist for black people to remind them that black lives matter.They forget important things like all lives do not matter when death came to the millions of Native Americans and black people in this country. Many people died form their sadistic, perverted entertainment.This is cruelty that minorities live with in America came when the cells and jails in Europe were empted to send the criminals and the insane to this country. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


We Americans are indoctrinated by the mainstream media. My concern with influence in elections is with the people within this country. We know that the DNC cheated against Bernie Sanders and selected Hillary criminal Clinton. The results of that cheating gave us Donald Trump. If we stop the denial, we would be aware that our greatest worries is that we are " sleeping with the enemies" when our government influence an election. Russia is a diversion from the Democrats not facing the stupidity of selecting the wrong candidate to run for president. I am no Trump fan, but I would take a devil before I would vote for Hillary Clinton. I know too much about her evil, sneaky, secretive, ambitious behavior. Children are dying in Haiti because of Cholera and dirty water while she gave her daughter a 3 million dollar wedding. She also have exposed her arostrocars ties with how we now see that the media continue to work with her. I believe this woman is very dangerous to minorities and the poor.  I know about the many times she has had an admiration for leaders who were blatantly ready to "eliminate" black people, deny them their civil rights, and to impliment orders and policies to destroy the lives of the helpless.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


PEACE WITH BRUTAL RACISM. The people in this country are taught to ignore the welfare system that is in place to serve the white Africans. We are taught to claim a fake morality that is compleatly abcent with a notion of humanity. There are many familes around the world who are dying  from hunger. This is because of the cruelty of white privledge. White privledge is the largest welfare entitlement, costy, and  privlege program that has ever esisted in human history. Policies are  design and protected with the parasitic system of racial hate. This evil is never talked about when we discuss social programs. It is a killer and is evil in ever way possible. This cruelty is designed to destroy and  prevent black people from equal education,The preservation of this brutality is practicted every second of each day with the help of the fake news media. without the ability to find employment and to destroy the family.

We claim to be kind and giving people, but yet when we face social programs, we are outraged at the people who has a need for help with providing food for their families. We We are willing to dismiss trhe designed policies that are in place to destroy the black families. We ignore the facts that it is this black group who are decendents from slavery, and left this system with only the clothes on their backs. White privledge for white Africans was the recieptent from this free labor. After hundreds of years of  labor from black people, this evil continue to be protected by fake news with lies, and destortion.

We then offers an entitlement for white privledge that is grossly insulting, evil, and designed to destroy people without white skin.  it comes to comparing the cost of food stamps to the cost of the
the The first goal is to maintain the propaganda and mind control of the those who cannot think, and can only follow. The mainstream media is gullible enough to talk about fake news and alternative facts. We are treating this hypocrisy as if it is something new. the first thing that the Europeans did was to lie and say that they discovered America. The white Africans claim to have discovered this country, even when they were greeted by the Natives. The labels of "fake news,  is to carry on racism while pretending that whenever  they hear something that they don't want the people to think, they can change the truth by claiming it to be fake news or alternative facts. This will maintain the lies that are needed to control the destroyed minds of Americans.

American racist wants peace with their brutal racism, while continuing  this practises of cruelty and evil. The rigging of the primary was to place Hillary Clinton in the white house, proves  the final  move into more  power against the hopeless. Minorities and the poor in America are completely helpless and hopeless. The racist liars have destroyed the lives of  many people with their ability to select their desired truth. They use the media for the destruction of millions of people. Speech is denial to all who speak out against racial abused.  Minorities who are used by the mainstream media are the people who are vetted, their minds destroyed, and have proven to have leaned self hate. The recycle people like Larry Elders, and Sheriff Davis who are trained to take the defense of the racist. Often these people have lost the ability to think. As with most Americans, they only know to do as they are told by the mainstream media. An example our beliefs without logic is about a white skin European man walked water, we are told to believe without question. I ask questions.

 Many people who claim to be a Christian, voted for evil Hillary Clinton. They pretend that they can go to the bible for answers, but did not find that her relationship with the media and the rigging of the election is wrong. Are they as evil as she is? These voters were willing to vote for her not knowing the many cruel things that Hillary has done, implies that they are following her with no knowledge, or they are also evil.  There is nothing kind about Hillary. This  woman always had great admiration of those who was against black people, including those who wanted extermination of black people. She decided that it is more important to give her daughter an expensive wedding and to take food and shelter from the starving people in Haiti; while  people are dying in this country. The children in Haiti are dying from cholera, and  from drinking dirty water. When she entered Libya, she caused the lost of over ninety billions dollars going to Africa.

If these Christians had been asked what her policies were, could they have answered?  If they were ask what was her connection to Margaret Sanger, could they have answered?  If ask, how many times did her best friends call her for help at Benghazi, could they have answered? If  ask what  her position on the civil rights when she was a Goldwater's Republican , could they have answered? If they were ask about her husband's replacement of the elected president in Haiti by the Haitians, could they have answered? If they were ask about the twenty two percent of America uranium that she gave allowed Russia to have, could they have answered. I am no fan of Hillary or Trump, but I would never vote for evil, racist Hillary. I am angry at the Democrats who decided that the minorities and poor was not important in deciding who should run for the democratic presidential election. Now these dummies are willing to continue to be Clinton's flunky and work with the oragarcy  They are now told to support the billionaires. We are prepared to give the people a "New World Order", with complete control over people of color. Both Clinton and Trump is an insult to all minorities who know the truth about the impossibilities of the Europeans lies. Americans insist on believing that white skin is smart skin.

We are so racist that we ignore the reality that people who have never experience one day of racism have the need to resort to lies to try and define the harsh and brutal experience for the people who suffered this cruelty. Perhaps these arrogant, insulting, and sarcastic people should remember that it is they who are holding the branding iron. I suggest that they walk to the from of this instrument and experience the pain of the oppressed before insulting the people who are suffering. I suggest that these racist try empathy. They are missing a sense that is very important to sanity. Americans are now exposed to the world as people who  will abuse power. The world is watching the level of brutality, cruelty, and evil that is allowed against American citizens who are without white skin. No one like coward bullies. This truth exposure has cause America to create many enemies around the world. But most of all, this culture has cause the people in this country to learn the ability to live without empathy for those without white skin. For over five-hundred years, we have been giving " Fake News" we are taught the white supremacy, black inferiority, "race" lie. We are now sure that there is no scientific meaning of the word "race", but the racist insist on keeping it within the vocabulary of the English language. This coward behavior to abuse helpless people has created a suicide mentally against this country. The teaching of the white skin lies has cause insanity.

the powerful forces of globalism, talitarianism, arogarcy and a desire for sadistic perverted madness  have  compleated , and achieved their goals