Saturday, July 16, 2016


The problems with racism are who is racist, but who has the power and who practice racism.
Why is it necessary to divide the human family by pretending that skin tone saperate us into different "races?"  Why do we pretend that that there are “races” of people who are without a biological foundation? Why would Americans design policies to destroy the minds of others while denying equal education? Why do white Africans think that they are entitled to a parasitic welfare that is provided from free labor from other humans? Why do Americans believe that they are hiding the fact that they are racist?

There is indisputable knowledge that America teaches racism. Evidence supports the fact that the people in America are cowards, bullies, evil, criminals, bigots, hypocritical, liars, barbarians, savages, and are always to increase the level of cruelty are always ready to abuse power. There is a sadistic, perverted character that is often found within the hearts of many people within this country. This is the truth that keeps these hateful people and threaten, that they will be exposed for who they are.

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