Saturday, August 6, 2016



I cringe every time I hear a white African who think that they are talking to chattel or children when they feel that they should define the experience of racism for black people. I have often heard many bimbo explaining to black people who is and who is not racist. These people only know how to be racist. They know nothing about the suffering from racism. The root experience of the victims of racism comes from the front of a branding iorn or the end of a rope. There is nothing that can be said from the heirs of racism that qualify them to know the damage of this evil. Hillary Clinton is a good example of this. She believes that she can relate to the problems of the mothers of murdered children with facial expressions. The sad part is that the minds of the people in this country are so damaged that the victims believe her lies. She has been in government for over thirty years and she thinks that the big problems in America is gender. What about racism, equality and justice? I have never known the Americans to have equality and justice as a part of their platform for president. The white Africans believe that the abuse of others is a source of entertainment. We should never forget the brutal arenas in Rome.

Americans have an ongoing war against black people and it destroys the minds of all American people. Americans are so mentally destroyed that they only know to do what the media tell them to do. An example of this is that people who are sleeping under bridges are ready to vote with the billionaires Most of us have lost our ability to think. We are taught to follow and ask no questions. We stigmatized those who dare to think and ask questions or ask them to apologize when disagreed with the logic of others. I refuse to give away my mind and brain power. I ask questions, and I would rather know than to believe. I do not believe that I should accept Christianity without question. I know that I know what I know. I know. I am forced to accept the insults, but I will continue trying to fight the injury.

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