Wednesday, February 22, 2017



The racist cowards in this country, surround themselves with the minorities who are brain destroyed. The racist love the ' Good ole boys and gals' the black men who has been taught to despise blackness are the stars of mainstream media, and who are  destroyed with self hate. This behavior from the racist mediais necessary to avoid truth and exposure. The goal is to prepare black people who are not threatenin to racism, and who approve of the mistreatment of other  minorities. The mainstream media is the tool that is used to destroy the minds of the American people. The against method is to stigmatize words to use as tools of control. Examples of words are racist, race bating, playing the race card'. The Americans response to these words as if we are train dogs. The racist media and the racist hate casino owners created the race card.and the complain about minorities playing the race card. This false notion protects the bigots from truth. Racism in American is so cruel that we are all taught to deny this reality.

Racist in this country are cowards with the fear of truth and exposure. America has created a system where the mainstream media destroyers any minority who speaks the truth about the evil practiced of racism in this country. An Example of this is that Americans are taught that black people are monolithic. America choose the destroyed blacks whose minds are lost with self hate. The goal is to continue the false notion of  white supremacy and black inferiority. The only way that this lie can stay in place is to avoid talking to a black person who is not mentally destroyed,  such as Farrakhan, Reverend Wright, Micheal Dyson or Mitchell. Anderson. These are black who are never allowed on the stage of racist debates. We are taught that Farrakhan is a lying "race bater'"

The truth is that he is a lightweight from the full truth about the lack of character, morals, integrity, and the heartlessness of the racist, and the brutality, evil, and cruelty from the hidden of truth of the racist in America. The level of racism is a reality of such atrocities as the Mary Turner incident: A mob of Americans entertained themselves by hanging a black pregnant mother, set her on fire, a man from the crowd then came forward, cut the baby from the stomach of the dead mother, the baby then gave out a cry, and the man stomped the baby to death. There is the Sam Hose case where  orgies of sickness exploded where after this murder, Hose was cut into pieces and used as souvenirs. Another one of many  examples of American racist attitude against truth is that Billie Holiday Day was baned from most clubs because of her recording of "Strange Fruit".The message from her song was about the many black people that the racist hang. This is an example of how insulting it is for the black Americans who suffered every kind of evil that is imagine by the mothers of evil.  Racism in this country is much worse than most of us can describe, and that is the secret that racist fear the exposure. They are now pretending that it is racist for black people to remind them that black lives matter.They forget important things like all lives do not matter when death came to the millions of Native Americans and black people in this country. Many people died form their sadistic, perverted entertainment.This is cruelty that minorities live with in America came when the cells and jails in Europe were empted to send the criminals and the insane to this country. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


We Americans are indoctrinated by the mainstream media. My concern with influence in elections is with the people within this country. We know that the DNC cheated against Bernie Sanders and selected Hillary criminal Clinton. The results of that cheating gave us Donald Trump. If we stop the denial, we would be aware that our greatest worries is that we are " sleeping with the enemies" when our government influence an election. Russia is a diversion from the Democrats not facing the stupidity of selecting the wrong candidate to run for president. I am no Trump fan, but I would take a devil before I would vote for Hillary Clinton. I know too much about her evil, sneaky, secretive, ambitious behavior. Children are dying in Haiti because of Cholera and dirty water while she gave her daughter a 3 million dollar wedding. She also have exposed her arostrocars ties with how we now see that the media continue to work with her. I believe this woman is very dangerous to minorities and the poor.  I know about the many times she has had an admiration for leaders who were blatantly ready to "eliminate" black people, deny them their civil rights, and to impliment orders and policies to destroy the lives of the helpless.