Saturday, July 30, 2016

It makes me very angry how insenative that Americans are toward the designed destruction and pain that racism cause other humans. The plan conditions of this cruelty is not even an after thought for these brutal people who remind me of something as useless as germ sperm. People in this country are going hungry, sleeping under bridges, cannot find jobs, while they are forced to watch their children moving into a system as deadly as a sassage grander. These evil people find time to make an issue of something as petty as what someone say.  An example of this is that with the 2016 Hillary presidential coranation, we are forced to listen to words without important made to replace with unimportance. Any person who is kindheated, empathic, or a fairminded, human has a place of reference where they have no need, and cannot be fooled by the media bimbo need to explain everything. These are the rare Americans who can process information, and who still have the ability to think. These people are aware that there is no importance with name calling (birther, fat pig, or ugly) that is equal to the suffering of  many poor Americans.

This American excersise in Satanic behavior is so typical that most citizens are willing to be a party to cruelty that makes the Germany death camp the child of this evil. A famous case in America brutality is the case of a black baby, cut from the dead mother and then stomped to death.There are many more untold and hidden cases that the people in this country want to stay hidden. Now black people are told to accept more police into their neighborhood to find more reason to murder black peoople. The racist should walk to the front of his branding iron and then he will understand the pain from this saditic evil.

I am an old black woman, with exprience of racism that America cannot stand to hear about. I kno the depth of evil that the the white Africans are willing to go for the sake of maintaining a parasited welfare system.

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