Thursday, August 4, 2016


The Americans racist media spent days in making a point on the importance of the life of a police and trying to connect "Black Lives Matter" to the murder of the officers. Both of the killers of the police are dead. All the police who murdered black people are alive. Nothing was said to connect this fact. America is racist to the core. No one want to claim this reality because we all know that the notion of white supremacy and black inferiority is based on extreme ignorance. America taught us all to be ignorant racist. There are no need for apologizes. We are all racist. The first and last thing that we see when the television is turned on or off is a white African. This is the teaching of racism. The subliminal message that we learn is that these people are there because the are smarter. The truth is that those people are thee because the neede racism to compeat with other cultures. These people were the last people to enter the stage of civilization.

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