Saturday, July 30, 2016



The crooked, racist news media in America is an academy for teaching hate. America never misses a chance to abuse power when it comes to minorities. Every time a police is killed lately in this country, the media report it on the news for days. Everyone who kill a police is either killed the same day or they are in jail awaiting death. The desire for the xenophobies to punish the police killers is a none issue. This false impression  that there need to be greater laws for the killing of police is the teaching of racism in America. We only hear about black people who are murdered by police when  a black person happen to catch it on camera. Are we supposed to believe that black people are always present when a black person, or a minority is murdered?  Do we pretend to think that the police, and media  report all the black people who are slaughtered in this country every day? Why is there no news when a white man is killed by a police? What does this mean? It means that the law is complicit in the crime of murdering black people. Why are there white Africans arrested and with guns in hands and they are not murdered? There are many white Africans who fear black people because of the psychological awareness of their obsessive, bullying, and cowardice.

The media subliminally promote the lie that the “Black lives matter” is a police hate group. I suggest to them that the real truth is that many  police maybe from hate groups against black people.  It is insulting and lies to pretend that we can saperate racism from the murder of black people. Are we supposed to believe that members of the white supremacy groups  are not hired by the police? White supremacy groups that many are police officers? Where is there a more safety  for a racist  who is sadistic and perverted to have the desire to kill a black person . He/she is paid and is protected by the American xenophobias.

Americans continue to talk to the people in this country as if we are all insane. They pretend that the black people receive as much protection from the police as white Africans. I  fear police because I know they murder black people. I have five men in my Not one of them served a day or went to court. This is all a matter of record.
Much is said by the media about the danger of being a police. We all have the choice to stay away from jobs that are unsafe. Black people are murdered because of the color of their skin, and they do not have the choice about their color. Keep thinking that people around the world are not aware of this country of organizing hate.  America has taught hate against black people for over five-hundred years and most people have learned this lesson.  However, when America ask “Why do they hate us?” perhaps it is because no one like coward bullies. Now the arrogant, racist has the gall to pretend that they do not understand why there is a need for black people to remind the people in this country, that black lives also matter.

America  is continuing the lessons of white supremacy with the teaching that the life of a police is more important than the life of a black person. Another black man was shot today in Florida, who was caring for an Artistic patient, while pleading with the officer that both hands are up. Americans are taught to close their eyes to the murder of black people. These murders have been accepted within this country for over five-hundered year. The killers can safety tell and lie that he wish and the racist will protect the killers. We then have the nerve to concern ourselves with the murders outside of this country more than the killing of Americans with black skin.  We pretend to be people of character, morality, and integrity. The truth is that racism is so rampant in this country that the racist are not aware that they are racist. America teaches racism and then stigmatize each other for being racist. This is a tool that is used to have peace with the continuation of bigotry.
The bigots have such a fear of the truth that they are willing to lose all chance  to face the truth.



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