Saturday, July 16, 2016

Black lives matter also.

America teaches us that the lives of police are more important that the lives of other humans, this is teaching racism. Who are we to decide who should live or die?  The level of hypocrisy in this country is no less than insanity. There have been so many years of injustice in this country that most racist are not aware how far they are from common sense. The teaching of white entitlement has removed all traces of the chance for the racist to have empathy for people with color. The country is in complete denial of who we are. We have lost all senses of right from wrong, or good from evil.

We are fatuous. The irony is that we are willing to do anything possible to avoid the truth. We are arrogant enough to think that there should be peace with the abuse of other humans.  All one has to do is to listen to Fox News and then see if it is possible to place yourself in the place of others. I often hear many people in this country trying to defend a system as evil, and brutal as racism. I suggest that those who cannot understand the true feeling of racism, to stand in front of a branding iron, or dance at the end of a rope then you will understand. I have no need to do this because I fully understand the pain of others.

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