Monday, March 26, 2018

There has never been a time when America was America that it was not racist. Racism is evil. For those who are not empathetic enough to be aware of this fact, perhaps it is time to walk to the front of the branding iron. Many Americans proudly admit to being conservatives. What is it about the evil that should be conserving? Many of these people claim to be Christians while remaining silent on the subject of taught hate against citizens without white skin.  One of the first thing that racist slime Trump did as president is to use his cowardly ability to abuse was to promote the ability and praise of the white privilege black killer police. We claim to be a great country with an SS like police in place. We then pretend that we are insulted if we are compared with Nazis. When the truth about the cruelty in America is exposed, the Nazis should be insulted.  to These facts remove sanity from the possibility of common sense logic. These false narrations are by design with the power of white privilege. America has always used the police to murder black people whenever white privilege wants to.

We have the audacity to pretend that racism in this country is in the past.  This sick attitude exposes the insanity of the racist believing that there is a level of cruelty that is justified for other people.  This craziness is the seeds that are in the sick minds of Americans. We then ask black people if racism has improved in this country. This is the extreme damage, that white privilege has done to the minds of the racist. There is no racism that is not evil. White privilege is the oldest system of hate that the world has ever known.


"Even though Canadians make up the 4th largest illegal immigrant population in the US, Irish are the 1st largest illegal population in New England, and Italians are the 2nd largest illegal population in NYC, over 95% of people stopped and/or imprisoned by the INS are people of color. The majority of Border Patrol activity occurring at the US-Mexico border. According to, Mexicans only make up 30% of undocumented aliens in the US, yet are targeted the most by law enforcement. The New York Times reported that of 37 work raids conducted by the INS use of Spanish by workers was criteria for investigating people believed to be illegal."

Americans are so racist when talking about the law and the Dreamers, ( DACA) we should ask, why are there different rules of crossing the border form Canadians than it is for Hispanics and othe minority countries?  Why are we allowing a different justice for selected people in this country while we claim to not be racist. We are allowing Hillary Clinton to break the law while children are destroyed by going to jail based on  lies.  Racist have great concern with a minority crossing the Southern border taking jobs from Americans, but  have nothing to say when the loss of a job is to a Canadian from the Northern borders. We are so indoctrinated that we have ignored racism, inequality, white privilege, entitlement, and injustice for so long that the white privilege are often heard to be repulsed by equality. We are often so mentally destroyed by the white privilege, by having control over the media and designed messages of lies. The white supremacy and black inferiority lie is built on fantasies for Americans with white skin. Trump has a goal as president to secure racism in America. Like Hitler, one of the first things that Trump did when entering the office as president is to give the police more power.

His speach in Poland left no ambiquity of his want for more white power. His spoke to the European and the world of white skin. Trump has a need to dictate. He want the power to abuse those who he see as helpless.  He love power to verbal abuse those who he see as beneath him. This is the behavior of a coward. He would love to treat people as chattel and children. How do I know this? I have eighty-four years of being a black woman in racist America. I know them well.

How are the largest welfare recipients that the world have ever known,  be able to forget the the need for white power? Trump said he dislike freeloaders. He forget that this country is built on freeloading. African were here when the European arrived. This country was stolen,  and government supports a system of white privilege enslavement is freeloading. This thief of America from the Africans is freeloading, immoral, cruelty, and brutality. This system of racist freeloading is designed to divide and conquer.Africans with straight hair are call Indians, and dark African were often made into slaves. This devious evil was done  with the use of the  fake word "race" for the goal of freeload with the use of  white privilege.

Does it occur to Trump that by any name, (white privilege) is freeloading and welfare for white people? He is a lifetime benefactor of this welfare. Even more important, Trump should realize that his false pride for having white skin and his success is destroyed with the reality of his white privilege. Perhaps he should know that if he is a great man, he is a great African. Maybe he should use equality to treat the issue of DACA like Americans are treating the Criminal Hillary Clinton. He would then think that nothing that the Hispanis can do is criminal.



10- 22-2017

There are many victims of racism who have been taught and believe that black people should not complain about the cruelty, and brutality of racism in America. Many are ready to allow this safety and peaceful place for the cruel racist. I hear victims and the racist both saying that they are tired of hearing about racism. The solution is quite simple, stop the evil practice of white privilege, inequality, and racism. Perhaps it is time for those people to ask why are they so willing to crush the heads of the helpless? This is the behavior of cowards. Racism is a reality in American and we should all know that it is evil. Those who lack enough empathy to understand this is mentally designed destructive system is cruel is less than a sub germ. The racist tells black people they are playing the race card, marching for the wrong reason are they need the racist to define their pain.

 I feel better when I talk about pain that I am feeling because it is very therapeutic for me. Why do the victims of racism think that they are the only group that should not speak against their terror? I hear women complaining about things that because I am an old woman that I cannot understand. Men are afraid to flirt with women and that would be a problem for me if I were not so old. The gender crap is used to bring in more income for the white privilege families. It has no need to be a civil rights issue. There is much I can say on this subject.

As an old Black woman, my question to these whining women is where were they when Black mothers are crying for children who are murdered by police?  This cruelty is always accepted.  The Police department is made into a safe haven for any sick minded racist who has the desire to murder black people.

I am a trained, and licensed psychiatric worker. I witness the professionals teach us that the best release of mental pain was when you can talk about it.  Many victims who cannot talk about their trauma  turn on one another because of self hate. The often embrace their abusers. This is typical with the Stockholm syndrome. There are also many masochist, and sycophants among the victims. I have seen many victims of racism who are  infuriated with the mention of racism. This is self hate that should be discussed.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Evil Americans believe that the issue of the white privilege women being insulted is more important than the murder of black people by police. White privilege is at work as always. They have decided not to publish murders of black people by the SS police. They are foolishly making a target of police by promoting them as heroes. The insane racist slime will always run from those who are not chasing them. Perhaps it is time to look at what is happing to the American white male. Perhaps they should find out why white American men have a low sperm count, low testosterone, lower birth rate, high suicide, higher drug use, etc. The gender issue is not with the women. This is a ploy to bring welfare into the racist homes fasters. A greater problem is that there is nothing that they can do about this because they can never face the needed truth with the therapist that is needed to stop this mental pathology. This would expose the truth about a reality that they will never be able to face. This is also the reality with the school shootings.The pretense of the gun as the cause of mass murder in this country is an attempt to avoid reality. The teaching of  racist conflict in reality causes insanity. Perhaps Americans should ask, why dothe police have such an insane fear of black people?
The answer is guilt and fear of reality. These people know that they are less sub-lime in the room of morality.