Thursday, March 8, 2018

Evil Americans believe that the issue of the white privilege women being insulted is more important than the murder of black people by police. White privilege is at work as always. They have decided not to publish murders of black people by the SS police. They are foolishly making a target of police by promoting them as heroes. The insane racist slime will always run from those who are not chasing them. Perhaps it is time to look at what is happing to the American white male. Perhaps they should find out why white American men have a low sperm count, low testosterone, lower birth rate, high suicide, higher drug use, etc. The gender issue is not with the women. This is a ploy to bring welfare into the racist homes fasters. A greater problem is that there is nothing that they can do about this because they can never face the needed truth with the therapist that needs to stop this mental pathology. This would expose the truth about a reality that they will never be able to face. This is also the reality with the school shootings.