Wednesday, September 21, 2016



The presidential debate is predictable. CNN and MSNBC news media will do everything possible to
It is the Christians who follow her
find a way for Hillary, the criminal to win the up-coming debate. This will include more lies. Their rating will suffer in the future. Hillary is going to also take down the Democratic party. She is far too screative and gaurded. I am beginning to believe that many Americans should fear her more than the Jewish people feared Hitler.

The Germans did not know about the Nazis death camp. I will never trust her because of my experience with people. She is heartless and sneaky and very vendictive. I am too old to fear her, but I hope those who have misread her know what they are doing.  I have said manyPRESIDENIAL DEBATE 2016 times that this woman is evil and those who think that she is their friend will not be able to help her cover up her crimes because she will continue to be a criminal. She does not trust herself enough to face the people. She knows who she is and this is why she is so plastic and gaurded. The poor people in this country are insulted with how the Democrats removed Bernie  for this chameleon. I promise that the Democrated party will be sorry for choosing her instead of Bernie Sanders. They forget that her favorite defense is “He did it too.” Both, she and Trump are an insult to the people. I would consider voting for Trump if he promise to indite her. This is the one good thing about the selection of the two racist, they are both vindictive. Maybe the winner will indite the looser. This woman should be in jail. Only a white person could get away with this bad behavior.  I despise the America system of injustice, and inequality. It is evil, and it is wrong.I will never forgive Clinton  for what she did to Africa. When she murdered Gadafy, Africa lost over $90 billions. It is time for black people to stop following everything that the Europeans tells them.

Friday, September 16, 2016




I have never trusted people who have the need to read a book to know right from wrong. My eighty four years exprience with poeple have taught me that the  worse people that I ever met are among those who claim to be Christians. I  have no concern in individuals belief until it hurt the masses. Many Christians in America who depend on the bible for knowledge for evil, and who follow others without the ability to think, vililated their relationship to the possibility of kindness. This group are know to ignore the rule of kindness in accepting white privlege, inequality, and entitlement in silence. This network is the height all evil. They ignore evil and comply with the  They voted for handing over black people to the evil Clinton chameleon. How much did these voter know about this evil woman? Do they know her relationship with the late Marger Sanger? Do they know who Marger Sanger is? Do they know what she did to continue the starvation in Africa? Do they know that this woman have always been on the side of issues that favor the destruction and the extermination of black people?  Do they know that this woman is using money to stop the colera in Haiti for personal gain, and the children in that contry ae still drinking dirty water. Do they know that HRC brother is in Haiti removing all the wealth from that country for the next twenty  years? Do they know that her theif of the primary vote against Bernie Sander gave us Trump? Their are many more things that I would like to ask these voter questions about Hillary. 

The Democrats rejected the chance to endorse Bernie Sanders as the candidate.   The  majority of people believed that he would be the best to  help the poor. I have no more faith in the Democrat party, as the party for the people. Donald Trump and Hillary are both  insults to the AmericansHowever, Trumps remarks to black democrats about "What do you have to lose" with not voting democrats, is making sense to many black people.  The Democrat party gets the black vote and then allow them to continue the design destruction. Because of this fact, Trump might have an interesting message for poor people.

When a man is drowning, he will grab any hand that reaches out to him. Perhaps the Democrats have underestimated the poor Americans. They want status qua where they continue to earn four-hundred times more wages than the poor people. There are often many Americans who are hungry, and sleeping under bridges who are voting with billionaires. Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted because of thirty years of lies. Her defense is always "he did it too". Her secrecy reminds me of Hitler and the death camps. The Germans were not aware of this evil. Hillary and Trump are both dangerous for minorities, but I know what Hillary will do. If she treat the Flint children like the Haitians cholera babies, more black children will die. I will never forget the billions of dollars that were lost in African when she murdered Gadfly. Why is the Black Caucus ready to ignore this? These new Democrats will cause many people to later leave the party. We plainly see that these people are for helping the wealthy. When they had  the chance to help the most suffering people in this country, the poor, and middle class was ignored. Hillary will lie to have her way. She is a criminal and the democrats are foolish enough to think they can hide this fact. Watch the video "Clinton Cash." 

It is time for black people to start using their brains instead of following whatever they are told to do. We are not children or chattel. The media tells many of us what to think, and many follow without any logic.  An example  of this is the amount of Christians who are willing to believe that a European "god" walked water. They are told to believe this impossibility without question. They ignore the fact that the people who teach them this lie were the last humans to enter the stage of civilization. We often chose to believe rather than to know. It is time for black people to stop allowing the race bating of voting for someone because of skin color. It is time to stop the self hate. Wake up black people. The Europeans are not for you.

I have always knew the danger of black Christians. The racist are now reaping the harvest of the teaching of this white "God"

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 I am eighty three years of age. My grandfather was a slave until he was fourteen. There are a few things that I see with young people that frightens me. I understand, and I am still proud of them. Our youth are going through things much more harsh than I ever did. Things are getting worse. I never had to worry about getting shot by racist police for only being black. I have never seen the media use so much time to degrade black people. There is little about black people that I am shamed of. There was much more camaraderie among blacks when I was young. We knew never to call a police on one another. I am proud of how people who have had every lie that can be said against us and we are still moving up. The white Africans were the last people to enter the stage of civilization and every lie they tell, can, and should be exposed. Keep up the fight.


Monday, September 12, 2016

I believe that most people perceive themselves to be independent in their thinking. I think that we would be surprised to know how much influence we have from the people who have control over the media. I think that most people in America will follow anything that we are told to do, and without  logic, morals, integrity, character, empathy, justice or equality against other humans. If we stop the denial of truth long enough, we will better see the truth. There are so many acts of evil that we have ignored because of the ability to project our evil on to others. I once heard Bill Press say that any American who compare this country to Nazi Germany should be disqualified as not being serious. He he joking? This is typical thinking of the minds of many benefactors of the injustice and inequality that is so well accepted in this country. These people are not the victims of racism and have zero experience in knowing anything accept the practise. This cause a great lack of empathy.

The media is used to humanize all of our inhumane behavior. Here is a prime example: The media promotes the picture of extreme disgust with the murder of police officers by two black men.  Donald Trump and the media often speak of more policing against the killers of police. This story is told as if this is a problem that need fixing. The truth is that in both cases, these men are dead. What more can be done against the killers of police?  The other side, where black people are murdered, the police never goes to jail. The only case where the police went to jail was when the two black policemen accidentally killed the white child in Louisiana. There is a five-hundred year history of the white Africans murdering people who interfered in any way with their desire to abuse, terrorize, and bully other people. The media in this country is used to continue a system of hate against minorities who interfere with the rights of the white Africans to misuse and abuse other humans.

There is many sides to this design injustice and inequality. Americans would rather see me and others dead than to face anyone who happens to be black who they have not created, selected, and mentally destroyed enough to speak about racial injustice in this country. The rule is to find someone with a black face and any destroyed brain who will speak the words of the hateful racist. Those of us who fully understand the workings of this evil, can be destroyed in less than a second by the creation of mindless people who are like sledge dogs, they only know to follow and are completely without logic. I have eighty-three years of experience with American racism. I challenge anyone who has more knowledge on this subject then people like me. We are forced to listen to the bimbos on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News that  believe that they have the knowledge to explain and define what they have no knowled\ge of. But this makes no difference, after all, America teaches us the white supremacy lie and as with most things that we are taught in this country is based on hype and lies. 

The first wards that were spoken and the first actions by the white Africans when entering this country was based on fantasies and lies: "We" "Discovered America" "White supremacy and black inferiority." Native Americans as the savages,  the teaching of smart white skin, and the notions that all brains that are wrapped in brown or black skin is damaged. When truth is in conflict with reality, this is the teaching of insanity. This is the reason for the extreme insanity in this country

Saturday, September 10, 2016



 I watch the news from the mainstream media and wonder if there is any concern with the destructive lost of the phoney face of "America democary"? The danger of the blatant bias, and lies from the mainstream media to elect Hillary Clinton for president is very dangerous. This is removing the will of the voting people and allowing the media to dictate who should run this country.  The media is controlled by one party and perhaps one person. The mainstream media is controlling the minds of the America. This is opening the door for a dictator. This is the method that is used when there is a dictator put in place. We are about to turn our rights over to a country that  claim freedom. The FBI, IRS. DOJ, and DNC are are willing to lose all credibility to place HRC in the white house. Most of the reporting about the election is to remove Trump. This reality supports many of my eairlier post where I said that Trump is use as a sure-in to elect Clinton. Why would the extablishment be so determinate to put Hillary in the white house? America is interested in raiding the thrid world country of their resources. 

Trump and Hillary are insults to the poor people and middle class n this country. Americans are so easily mislead. They do what the mainstream news tells them to do. The wealthy people want to continue status qua. Poor Americans are so indoctrinated that they are voting with billionaires. CNN and MSNBC remind me of teenage girls. They are talking about what someone said and forgetting what Hillary has done. I have never been a fan of Fox News, but lately I am watching to find a
place in the media that is no so bias for Hillary Clinton. The main news is talking about what someone said and forgetting what Hillary has done.

I am NOT interested in “Birther or Aleppo. I want to hear both sides of all issues. Far too much impartiality is designed to protect Hillary. The Haitians want the Clinton Foundation out of Haiti because of the continual destruction of the people in these poor countries. Children in Haiti are still dying from Cholera and dirty water while the Clinton Foundation places Hillary's brother over a 26-year contract to bring the resources of that country. We hear nothing about the Clinton Foundation, bringing the toxic trailers from the Katrina tragedy that were known to be deadly, but the Foundation brought them to Haiti for the toxic condition to continue killing Haitians. The main media never touches this problem. Clinton destroyed the chance of billions of dollars going into Africa when she killed Gaddafi. She is an active racist. 

We have been misleading by the media that Haiti is extremely poor, this is not true. America is protecting Clinton because she will allow the wealthy to go into third world countries and continue to allow American big business to remove the resources and wealth from these countries. They will continue to pretend that their invasion of these countries is humanitarians. Both of these candidates are insults to the thinking American people. However, when I am drowning in mud I will grab the hand that promises to help and ignore the one who put me in the mud. Frankly, each choice is designed to continue destroying black people. Both, Hillary and Trump are used to status qua with white privilege, inequality, and injustice that they are completely without empathy for other humans. They both are xenophobes who think that the solution to the police murdering black people is to put more murdering police into the black communities. This is brutal insanity with complete lack of empathy.

Hillary and Trump are typical white Africans who, when facing a black man find the mirror in their own cruel, brutal souls. They fear any black person who are not vetted, and not mentally destroyed. We are taught that black people who can and will articulate the pain of racism are radical, rhetoric, or playing the "race card." We are also taught that a brain wrapped in black skin is damaged. The results of these insane massages is insanity. America designs the false notion that the issue of us disliking one another is the problem with racism. This tactic is used to convert simplicity. Who cares about individuals who have never met liking each other? This falsehood is in place to avoid the issues against people, with inequality, injustice, cruelty, propaganda, and designed the destruction of black people around the world.

The issues that America has avoided are reparation, inequality, and justice. America saw nothing wrong with reparation for the Europeans with the Marshall plan. Unlike black American, the Europeans have never been enslaved in this country. Now Americans pretend not to understand why Colin Kaepernick should remember what the veterans did for Americans, but do not have allegiance to what the black Americans have done for this country. I am eighty-three and will never pledge allegiance to a flag that deny me something as basic as my personal and equal rights as a human being.  I will continue to know that I know my pain better than the people who are burning me. I say to them, walk in front to the branding iron that racism holds and then know my pain. I am not chattel or child, and I know that no other has experience my experience, until then, I will define it. Many black Americans who have died in wars by a larger percentage than white Africans have. The lack of democracy in America is now exposed to the world of people.

Friday, September 2, 2016


The mainstream media is targeting the uninformed Americans to cause the belief that gender is the worst thing that the people are now facing. There are women in this country who work two jobs and are still homeless. I am an old black woman with eighty-three years of experience with inequality and injustice in this country and I realize that the greatest problem that we are facing has nothing to do with what a man say about a woman. This petty Hillary concern causes me to be aware that she has no empathy for the people who are really suffering in America. Gender is a luxury that most poor women cannot afford to concern with.

I cannot stand the idea of Donald Trump, or Hillary for president of the USA,  but I am for equality and justice for all. Trump is not working as the sure-in that the extablisnment had planned.  Americans know that Hillary stole the election from Bernie Sanders, with the help of the crooked news media. we accepted the George Bush selection now we are ready to crown a criminal. As bad as I dislike Trump, it  frighten and angers me that the people in this country are with such low morals. I despise the bullying mentally and behavior that is being used against Trump for Hillary. I despise the way the FBI, DOJ, DNC, IRS, and the mainstream media is unfairly ignoring everything negatively about HRC to take down Trump. I dislike inequality and injustice on all levels.

We have little ability for sanity when America continue to teach any lie that they choose, to achieve the goal of greed. We were tested with lies by the system for insanity with such stupidity as the pet rock, Jesus walked water, Columbus discovered America, smart white skin, a "Caucasian race", and a "race" without biological foundation. We passed the desired test. We are insane racist.We will never heal until the people join me and admit that we are not mentally balanced. We are lead by the mainstream media in voting against white women being insulted by men while other people are searching for survival. This exposes the low level that we are willing to go to feed the greed of the wealthy. If American is willing to do destroy Donald Trump, a billionaire white man, what evil are we willing to do to a black man?

I despise people who are ready to stand on a man who is down on the ground. Americans are known for abusing the down trotted. I see the lack of logic and the insults of the cowards in this country. I see the  heartless minds of many Americans who deny corruption. I have never had the need to read a book to know kindness, good, and good or evil. Moriarty is missing from many people in this country. To make matter worse, we are pretending to be a country of Christians.

This is suppose to mean that we are for justice, equality and truth. There are few of us who will see evil and stand up for right because it is right. Instead, Americans promote insanity, such as my grandparents who worked without pay, and I am told that people like Barbara Bush and Hillary Clinton are suppose to have the use of this money that was earned by my relatives. Call it insanity, rhetoric, or what ever, but in my world it is reality of cowardly abuse of power.

What make me more angry is how the racist in this country have the nerve to stand in the bed room of the Native Americans and tell them that if they don't like the racist mistreatment by the white Africans that they can leave this country.  It is time for many to realize that there is plenty of evidence that the teaching of racism in this country has caused insanity. This insanity has caused many of us to be fatuous. Americans are told to believe many things that is completely without logic. The Americans are so brain damaged that we are unable for critical thinking. We are so indoctrinated until we are far to ignorant to know when we are insulted. An example of this is that we have been told that black people will never vote for Trump because of an eight-year old word, (Birther). It is time for these idiots to realize that black people are not children or chattel.There are many reasons that that they will never understand why black people will not vote for trump.