Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Racist fears personalities and opinions from those minorities who they do not think of as a child or chattel. They like the minorities who are mentally destroyed, who are without personality or their own opinions.  Did Colin Kaepernick lie on America? Is it right for America to discriminate against minorities for welfare and entitlement for white Africans? This evil, injustice and inequality is what the racist should be talking about instead of telling a man what he should do about something that is an issue to him. Why should anyone pledge allegiance to anything before  allegiance to self?  Would America clam allegiance to a system that is silent with the  killers of white children? This logic is call empathy and sanity.

 Who cares who disagree with Colin Kaepernick? He has a right to express feelings on something that no one else experienced but he. I am eighty-three old  and if I have lived eighty-three more years, I will not pledge allegiance to a flag that has no allegiance to me. Are these evil people thinking that this man needs them to define his experience with the brutal American evil? If so, I suggest that they walk in front of the branding iron that they hold. He has personal pain and knowledge of his reason for making the decision to speak for himself. It is he who suffers the pain of inequality and Justice. What the racist should be talking about is equality and justice for all Americans instead of insulting those who suffer discrimination. When the racist says black man, they should speak of their designed destruction of black Americans. Racism in American continue to get worse and
America is about to finalize the destruction of black Americans. Both Trump and Clinton are racist to the core.