Saturday, June 23, 2018


America made a grave mistake with the need to abuse black people in this country.  It is only fools who make unnecessary enemies. No one like cowardly abuses of the helpless. There is no need for the love of black people for other minorities to understand that white supremacy is for those with white skin.  I am thankful that the minorities around the world are watching, and understands the message of white privilege. We now have the audacity to ask North Koreans to give up their weapons and trust the world’s greatest treaty-breakers, liars, and human annihilators so we can continue to abuse the helpless. Chinese, North Koreans, and Iranians do not have white skin. The truth is that those who insist on having smart white skin are the minorities of the world and the last to enter the world stage of humankind. The white privilege is the world's greatest liars. This hate network is used to lie, deny, and pretend to justify evil. 

Racism is the need for sadistic, perverted, and cowardly behavior to provide for freeloading welfare parasites.  The racist received the gun and gun power from the Chinese and for the sake of greed, the possibilities for morality is gone forever and replaced with insanity.  Life is the most important gift for the man. The cruel message to African Americans from the racist in this country is that an insult to white privilege women is more important and concerning than the life of Black Americans. Consequently, America has lost their power on the world stage because Trump refuses to continue to pay for loyalty. People around the world lack the trust in this country with more power to abuse the helpless? Cruelty is never enough for the slime racist.

I often hear Americans racist pretending that it is insulting to compare this country with Nazis. White privilege believe that people murdered by the Nazis are more dead than the millions of annihilated Aborigines that Americans killed. America is the mother of racism and Nazism. The Nazis gave California and Margaret Sanger. credit for their racist eugenic program When black people kneel in protest against the murders of black by police, 76 percent of white Americans believe that this should not be an issue. To make matters worse, when black people complained about police brutality, racist slime Trump sent in the more racist police. He found it necessary to militarize these killers. The condescending and insults from this slime racist is that we are lucky to live in a country that we occupied years before the Europeans arrived. We are told that we owe allegiances to a rag flag that provide a welfare, freeloading, parasitic, government for those who have white skin. Racism is the only thing that white privilege has ever known.

White privilege has 14 billion dollars to build more nuclear weapons. This perverted behavior causes the insane to have the need to run from those who are not chasing. I worked in mental health with many patients with the same behavior. The pathology is the need to have more weapons to maintain the right to brag and boost. There are nine countries with nuclear power, each one can achieve the same one-time destruction of the world. This reality causes the power to be equal with all who have the nuclear missiles. a. We refuse to talk about how America spends money to have the power to brag but people in this country are sleeping on the streets while we provide for white privilege. 

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