Monday, March 26, 2018

There has never been a time when America was America that it was not racist. Racism is evil. For those who are not empathetic enough to be aware of this fact, perhaps it is time to walk to the front of the branding iron. Many Americans proudly admit to being conservatives. What is it about the evil that should be conserving? Many of these people claim to be Christians while remaining silent on the subject of taught hate against citizens without white skin.  One of the first thing that racist slime Trump did as president is to use his cowardly ability to abuse was to promote the ability and praise of the white privilege black killer police. We claim to be a great country with an SS like police in place. We then pretend that we are insulted if we are compared with Nazis. When the truth about the cruelty in America is exposed, the Nazis should be insulted.  to These facts remove sanity from the possibility of common sense logic. These false narrations are by design with the power of white privilege. America has always used the police to murder black people whenever white privilege wants to.

We have the audacity to pretend that racism in this country is in the past.  This sick attitude exposes the insanity of the racist believing that there is a level of cruelty that is justified for other people.  This craziness is the seeds that are in the sick minds of Americans. We then ask black people if racism has improved in this country. This is the extreme damage, that white privilege has done to the minds of the racist. There is no racism that is not evil. White privilege is the oldest system of hate that the world has ever known.

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