Friday, November 3, 2017


It is undeniable that the United States can boast of significant accomplishments in many areas, including its military superiority, advancements in medicine, transportation, social infrastructure and space exploration--to name a few.  What is also undeniable, although unknown to all but a small minority, is the fact that these achievements are due not just to Americans’ rugged individualism, ingenuity or creativity, as we are taught.  To the contrary, these successes also rest upon a firm and unflattering foundation of domestic oppression, national imperialism and global exploitation.

The first, 250-plus years of free labor from the diabolic enslavement of Africans jump-started America’s development and fueled Europe’s resurrection. This socioeconomic advantage was reinforced by the harsh domination and eventual displacement of America’s indigenous population. Generations of immoral and inhumane plantation servitude, deceptive treaties, discriminatory legislation and cruel public policies galvanized the second-class status of those considered undesirable while ensuring privilege and prosperity for the ‘haves’ and perpetual agonizing misery for the ‘have-nots’.

Second, and most important, is the fac.t that the American population (300 million) is less than 5% of the global population (7 billion) yet Americans consume nearly 80% of all global resources.  This insatiable appetite allows Americans to boast of a life style that is unknowingly subsidized by the massive suffering of its non-industrialized neighbors. Adding insult to injury, Americans arrogantly characterize its victims as undeveloped, backwards and somehow responsible for and deserving of their Third World plight...

Runoko Rashidi

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