Monday, November 6, 2017


Nothing is more insulting to me than to have a racist white privilege tell me about owing an allegiance to America or the flag. Am I being ask to be abused and terrorized, and then to love the abuse enough to to praise white privilege for freeloading?  Am I to place the sadistic preveted pleasure of my abuse before my personal safety?   America is an evil racist network that has done everything possible to destroy my life. This country refused to allow black children equality in education with white privilege children. This evil design is then used to try to promote white supremacy and black inferiority fanticies and lies. 

There was no possible way for me to have been what I wanted to be. I graduated from high school with a third grade education.  Racism is so extreme that it has gone into the home of the black families and removed the male figure. Black men are the faces for the highest ratio of front line deaths in two wars. They came home to face a network of police brutality. When they decided to peacefully protests this evil, racist Napoleon coward Trump had the audacity to talk about war heroes. “Nap” the heroes in wars wore black faces.  

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