Wednesday, November 1, 2017




America’s biggest mistake is with the need to brag, boast, bully, abuse, and the ignorant belief of the racist lies.  This hypocrisy is used for the white supremacy, and black inferiority fantasies. This caused people in this country to make unnecessary enemies. This is the behavior of fools and  cowards.  Now America  is faced with a problem that was never thought to be possible.  America may be made to regress back to the frontier days.  Even worse, the arrogant, racist’s system of abuse will be their downfall.

The world is watching while America continues the brutal racism in this country.  It never occurred to the racist to ask, what sane people would ever want to be in the conditions as America African have lived through. America has demonstrated to the world that this is a country who uses power to abuse minorities. Kim Jung Un is a minority. Kim Jung Un is believed to have Electric Magnetic Pulse readiness. From my research of this weapon, it has the ability to put this country in a state of regression for years.  The America knows that the people in this country will believe anything that we are told, and because of this, there is not enough respect form the government to us to tell us the truth.
The H. Bomb maybe a paper tiger.

The racist does not want to think about what this could mean.  It could mean that Africa and other “third world countries are super powers over this country.  These countries will advance over America because America will no longer have electric power. The H. Bomb and other weapons that America has spent trillions of dollars to stay ahead of others have been in vain. North Korea may be the solution to stop white power and privilege? Is the chickens coming home to roost?  In spite of the fact that the American have called Kim Jung Un a mad dog, it seems as if his solution to wars is much more humane than the bombs that America uses to annihilate people around the world.

There is no doubt, America cannot stand to hear the truth.  America avoid a live debate with their victims of racial abuse who will tell them the truth.  They are so predictable when approaching this subject. They continue to find two black people, place them  across from each other to attach.  These black people are filled with self hate.  With years of abuse, these people are masochists.

 They hate anyone who looks as they do.  Larry Elders, or Jessie Peterson are perfect examples of self hate.  These are darlings for the racist use to try and appease their brutal terror,  by pretending that black people deserve to be mistreated.  The  racist never stops teaching minorities self hate for black people in America.  This teaching of minority hate is with the lie of white supremacy, and the black inferiority lies. This is needed to  pacify the racist for their sadistic perverted behavior. The world greatest terrorists are the American police, the KKK, Skin Heads, Aryan Nation, any white privilege groups or individuals, who has the power to terrorize minorities.

America has placed the heads of dead  black men on poles, and allowed black men who were hung to swing in trees for days to incite terror among black people. These American terrorists would bring their children to watch the torture and learn to be desensitized from empathy for black people.  The pain of terror that America used to place permanent fear in the minds of the black people is working today. The  teaching of white children not to have empathy for people without  white skin,  is heard each day with white privilege expectations.

 Racists American has never known anything other than to be racist. The understanding about a belief that is not racist is like trying to  teach a fish that he is wet.  The white privilege is aware that any lie that is told, any drunk,  with any sick need, are protected by the police and Americans courts.  A favorite terrorist tool that is placed in the minds of black people is the rope and branding iron. A branded black man brings  his pain home to his family, and the pain remains today.

I once saw a movie about killer bees. The entire movie was about white people. Then there was a scene where there was a need for a child to be murdered. The script suddenly had to change.  A black child was put in place to die from bee stings.  This racism is seared in my childhood memories. The racist could not have a white child die, so they use this black child. This was easy, they are taught not to have empathy for black people.  

This is seen with the attitude of the police coming into the black neighborhoods murdering black people. Trump's response to police killing black people is to bring in more killers. The racist America is content with this evil. There was a white child killed by two black police in Louisiana. Unlike when a white police kills a black child, both of the black police were arrested on the scene.  Less than one percent of white police who kill black people are arrested.

This network of lies spends every second of each day teaching racism. They keep racism in place, and  promotes denial for the racist. For over five-hundred years, America racist has always taught the fantasy of white supremacy and black inferiority. Consequently, the conflict of reality has caused insanity in ways that Americans don’t want to talk about.  We all leaned the same racist lesson to hate black people.  This teaching has caused many black people to have self hate that is projected to other people who look like the black racist. There has never been a  partition between the teaching of this cruel message.

The people who have always received white privilege, know nothing  except to be racist.  They have no awareness of the fact that there is  no connection with empathy for people without white skin.  America fear of facing reality causes the xenophobes to have a need to run from those who are not chasing them.  The American police will arrest a white man with a gun and murder a black man with his back turned  and running. Many Americans are in compliance with this evil.  I do not fear Isis, I fear police in black neighborhoods murdering black men.  

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