Friday, October 20, 2017


There are those who are trying to convince me that racism is not evil. Racism and evil do not come in levels, slices, boxes, bunches, drops, loads, or with excuses. Evil and racism are absolutes. American racist have decapitated Black men to incite terror within the Black communities, this is racism, and this is evil.  Americans have traveled from town to town; bringing children and picnic baskets for entertained with the hangings of more than five Black men at one time.  Americans have protected the SS like the police, who may be perverted and sadistic by giving them the right to murder black people as if it is a sport.  Americans have used narrations to support any lie that they wish to tell about a Black person and there are no questions. Americans ignore the fact that these same police can arrest a White man who has murdered a police while they will kill a black man who is running away from them.  Americans protect these killers.

America has ignored cases such as the Mary Turner where an eight month  pregnant  Black woman who was guilty of nothing more than complaining about the racist hanging her husband and other men.  A crowd of thousands watched while she hung, set on fire, and then  a man from the thick crowd came forward and cut the unborn baby from her womb. It is said that the baby gave out a cry and the man used his boots to crush the head of the baby. Thus is the story of America and racism.

We now have many who try to defend this kind of sickness. The racist criticizes all minorities while never scrutinizing the sick American racist. The American racist is telling me that I am to believe that they have the right to tell me how I should react to this evil. When I complain, it is said that I am playing a race card. If I march, it is said that I am racist and playing the race card. These evil people want peace while they finish the annihilation of more humans.

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