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I am an eighty fine year old black woman.  Like Jose Marta, I too have lived in the belly of racist evil.  I have known many brutal acts from this country of people against humans of color.  In spite of the fact that this country did a good job in denying me equality, and education, I have brain activity. I am forced to know both sides of American’s racist cultures. I am on the cliff of death and I have no fear of truth. I apologize to no one for my individuality, my perception, my experience and ability to think.  I despise America and any country that supports the annihilation of humans around the world because of skin color.

Racist America supports the murder of black people. When a black person is murdered by a police, the racist media is there to protect the police.  I have no allegiance a country in receiving the freedom that no one has the right to touch. My freedom belongs to me.  America teaches us that the human family is separated by race. There are no “races” of people. My knowledge from the experts an common sense is my proof. I need not pretend to be an expert on this subject. We are all from one human family with the same origin of DNA. We all are all Homo sapient. According to the experts, all modern humans originate from the same Mitochondria DNA. Americans know this. We are all Africans.

Why are racist continuing to push the divisive “race” lies? All Americans are taught to be racist. Because of this fact, if I am racist, I apologize to no  one.  I am not ignorant enough to disallow help to no one because of skin color. I know that “race” and skin color has nothing to do with human behavior. Racist have the right to like whomever they wish. That is not the issue. The issue in America, racism is the evil system of white privilege, inequality, and the parasitic welfare system for people in this country with white skin. Being racist cause no one to harm other humans, but the white privilege who uses power to practice racism against others is cowardly, brutal and evil. Minorities do not have this power. The truth about America, racism is harsh but real. It is time for us to join South Africans with talks about reality and then expose the ugly face of the racist practice.

President Trump is working to increase racism around the world. Trump now insists on changing the issue from racism to the flag allegiance, his logic is racist. There should be no ambiguity with a subject of evil, such as American brutal racism and the murder of black children by racist police.  America has made a safe place for sadistic, perverted racism in the police department. The narration that Trump likes is when the media is pretending  that the police are the victims of black people. Black people who kill police are dead or on death row. The police who murder black people often become wealthy and famous. The racist narration from the media is that the police have a dangerous job.  Perhaps they should find a safe job. They have this choice. A murdered black man has no choice of dying because he had black skin. When black people cry for help from these killers, the response from Trump was to send in more killers.
The America racist white privilege is networking to promote a SS Nazi like killers police.  I have noticed every since Trump decided to send more police killers into the black neighborhoods, that everyone on MSM supporting the police.  We are making hero from an employment that we claim to be the world's most dangerous job.

Trump said that the son-of-bitches In the NBA who disrespects the flag should be fired. Trump uses his power to abuse people. His arrogance causes him to believe that people are beneath him.  I join in his ignorance and arrogance with name calling. The racist are beneath  sub maggots, and  is less than germ sperm when  there is refusal  give black people black privilege, parasitic welfare and the freeloading of the slave owners. Black people never have held the racist as slaves.  Black people gave the world of people the seed of life.  Now I am  being told that I should pay allegiance to a country and a flag that allows Trump to be a white privilege freeloader? The racist networks continue to protest this heartless injustice. Perhaps Trump should know that this black bitch that he refer to is his  white African mother, and grandmother.

The minds of American  sub maggot attitudes is like the mind of a small, racist girls, and lacks the ability for empathy for people without white skin.  American record supports this is evil.

Trump  has never missed a chance to be racist. He was obsessed with trying to find a reason to discredit having a black president in the white house. He pushed the lie that Obama was not an American citizen.  Racist maggots are always in place to support this racist network. Trump  was obsessed with the rape case in Central Park. This obsession caused him to think that any black will do to go to jail for raping a white woman. Even after DNA proved that the wrong black youths were in jail, he could not accept the truth.  His obsession with DACA is racist. Why is he not concerned with the Canadians taking jobs from Americans?  Is it because they have white skin? I heard  his message from the speech in Poland as  a” Just us white peoples' message who is advancing racism.  He sounded like Hitler talking to the Nazis about the Jewish people.

We use false information and  lies that the news media fake narrations supports.  Any lies are supported and  pretended against whomever we choose that should die or be framed.  The power of control of a one-way system of information has created a parasitic welfare freeloading breadbasket for people who have white skin round the world.  Now this group claims to despise freeloader and welfare recipients, especially if they have black or brown skin.  This attitude is what has exposed the insanity within this group. This evil group is always ready to do whatever is necessary to save this designed white privilege. This insanity allows them to dismiss reality and live with a fatuous mind.

They are able to dismiss the fact that black and brown people are who sacrificed their freedom, welfare, families, time, individuality, education, and life for this country. Africans were indigenous to this country when the European arrived. Trump said that we owe allegiance to the rag flag, perhaps Americans owe allegiance to minorities. America is racist to the core. The racist has done everything possible to fake the white supremacy and black inferiority lies.  America never wanted black people to know that the real estate in this country belongs to indigenous Africans. 
Trump is heartless in the lack of decisions about Poerto Rica. He  equates this with the importance of the shippers making money. Why did he have such a hard time with the Jones Act in this country. He had no trouble with this in America where there were many white privilege people in danger.  Trump wants to advance the power and control over the minority world. This man’s mind belongs to the American racist groups such as the KKK, The Arian Nation, The Skinheads, The Nazis party, and hundreds of more groups that are protected under white privilege.

 American racist network wasted no time in ridding this country from the power of the Black Panther Party.  Racism has caused the people to lie so much that the racist liars believe their lies. People are not as stupid as the racist is lead to believe. People know that skin color does not dictate brain power. Skin color does not dictate human behavior as the liars teaches us. The racist, then has the audacity to be to pretend that when black people need therapy to talk about their pain from brutal racism, they are said to be playing a race card.  Playing the racist is white privilege and racism in America. America Main Stream Media  never mentions this.

Now racist America is faced with another problem from the teaching of lies. A nut used a gun to murder people in Vegas this week. Will American racist want to know the criminal records of all the victims of these killings? When a black is killed by a police, the first thing that the media does is to talk about the criminal record of the dead man.  This is the everyday teaching of racism that is found within America system. This network is now lying for the police to have the right to murder more black people. We  are all praising the police for their bravery. Maybe we should stop and praise minorities for their contributions to this country. Instead, we pretend that the white privilege made America. We never talk about that this country was here before the Europeans arrived.
There are many dangerous jobs other than being a police. If the job is dangerous, change jobs. This racist attitude from the racist America gives any sadistic, perverted racist a safe place to murder and have protection within this country.

The racist should ask, would Americans pay allegiance to Nate Turner.  It is impossible for this country to have Liberty and justice for all with white privilege in place. This is the false teaching that causes racism. Minute by minute, I see bimbos who have participated in the benefits of racism, who are  promoting more racism. I listen as they pretend to be victimized by the lack of civil rights.  I hear this false narration supported by the MSM. The only discrimination of women that I have seen in this country is that white women were denied the right to marry a black man. This was cruel. As a black woman, I have a better chance of dying from having black skin far greater than from my gender. 

My concern with the women's movement is the silence with the issue in our own gender house. Why are the females not speaking out against the disparity of pay with white women and minorities? Where were the women when minority women are abused, or while black children are murdered?  Gender is another racist move to bring more revenue into the white privilege homes. This cruelty is the reason that the black man can no longer find work. The racist network does the usually and blame the lack of jobs for black people on the Hispanics. The racist is never guilty of anything according to the racist.

The Hispanics are also used. Why are the Southern borders more an issue than the Northern borders where white people enter? The white privilege media, then pretends that black men are lazy and does not want to work. No one remembers that there were always jobs for the slaves. The white supremacist also gets benefits. He claims white supremacy and black inferiority. This evil is against the black man, and destroys the black families.  America has abused the black woman and her man so much until it is next to impossible for her to find a husband. America symptomatically destroyed the black family by falsely placing the black man in jail This is a continuation of slavery. 

Trump now expects me to pay allegiance and love this country. Trump I am not happy with your freeloading and white privilege. Black men are removed from society by the money making penal system who brings them back to slavery with false and petty arrests that the white man never go to jail far.  The black woman is then accused of having children out of wedlock and loose with morality. Racism is brutal. American racist design a destruction of black people and then asks why they are destroyed. The narration of the protected news media mind destroyed is subliminal taught to be skin color.

Racism is brutal and evil. America stood by silently and watched as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton brought drugs and guns into the black neighborhoods. This plan was designed to destroy the black families and  to help fight the Contra and Nicaragua war. This evil gave birth bloods and Crips. This evil is enough that it is impossible to find morality within this country with all the terror that minorities have suffered. The teaching of racism in America has caused annihilation of minorities around the world. The racist never wants to target this truth. The network spends all time with trying to justify racism. There is no justification for this kind of cruelty. The racist control over the media allows the racist to teach and tell any lie that is desired. The results of this power are that Americans are the world greatest liars. Black people have never been emancipated, and America has never been equal.

 I despise the slime parasites that ignore the many starving children around the world because of the evil system of racism. I despise how racist take credit from progress of other cultures and claim it as their own.  I despise the racist who believes that it is right to  jail a man because he is poor.  I now despise the Americans allows  Hillary Clinton to commit crimes and not go to jail. Why? If the lady under the bridge is seen stealing food, she goes to jail. We are a country of evil masochistic sycophants, and evil cowards. 

 How far are we behind in progress because the racist has the need to cut down completion from minorities. Perhaps if racist were not too cowed to allow equality, we may know the answer to life and death. I am an angered; victim of suppression of equal education and  individuality. In spite of this anger, there is empathy from me for all people. I have traveled to  Africa and I have seen the difference with the Africans and Americans. Like America, there are many different cultures. I now know that American racist exposed us to the side of Africa that supported the white supremacy and black inferiority lies. There is a difference in the cultures that  America should duplicate. This has nothing to do with “race” body parts or skin color. It has a lot to do with the racist fear of the one important body part, the brain power that the racist found and fear that is in Egypt, and other parts of Africa.

I despise anyone who is low enough to think a rag flag is more important than the life of a human. I have no need to read a book to understand what is evil.  I despise that according to the Europeans that they sent their barbarians and savages to this country. I despise the fact that these barbarians lie about the fact by hiding evidence that “America was occupied by Africans and that they were divided because of hair and color.

I have no need for the racist to define my experience with racism in this country. I have no need for them to pretend that they can explain to me who is racist.  My years of experience with this evil have never given me knowledge enough to look at a man and say whether he is racist or not.  This causes me to wonder how can the man who is evil enough to hold a branding iron know more than the people who have the knowledge from the pain from the front of the iron. Perhaps the holder of the iron should walk to the front of his brutality.

Black people are dying by the hands of the racist police and America is supporting this cruelty. I am told that I should be grateful for freedom of speech. No one has the right to own my freedom of speech are dictated to me who I should love. Americans have the right to be racist. The issue is not loving one another. The issue is the practice of racism, white privilege, an inequality.

America is now faced with problems that the racist cannot see or understand. This problem is hidden from them because they are too cowardly to talk to anyone who will tell them the truth. The world of people sees who we are.  Trump is telling the people of the world that he will no longer pay for friendship. Does he think that people are ready to allow racist power unless we pay for it?  Did we think that the world was not watching the abuse of power against minorities in America?  What county wants to submit to this abuse?

The racist is taught to believe any lie that they are told. Consequently, the racist is too cowardly to hear the truth. They find a black man with a destroyed mind who make them feel comfortable with their evil. This one selected black man is used to pretend that he speaks for billions of other blacks around the world. This racist move is used to destroy the individuality of all black people. Now they are trying to understand the problem with North Korea.

 If the racist had empathy for other humans, they would see that the logic with the flag and Turner is the same. The lack of empathy and racism now has two countries  playing “Patty Cake” and Ping Pong with the Nuclear Bomb and EMP technology.  Korea has EMP. American is now using the Nuclear bomb for boasting.  No one with brains would ever use this weapon of suicide.  However, the weapon that will do much damage to this country is in the hands of Korea. Go figure.  Perhaps Trump is reacting to the knowledge that he too is a minority without white skin. While Americans were busy bragging about how great America, we were too arrogant to realize that brains do not stop at the borders of the USA. We have always been too cowardly to talk to anyone who does not tell us the lies that we want to hear. America has a network of racist black people who satisfy the racist in believing that this black man is speaking for billions of other blacks around the world. Black people are not the minority, black people are the majority. The racists are too small to admit this reality. Racists are so small when talking about Africans and Africa; we would think that America is larger than Africa. Africa is larger than America.

People in this country wanted to kill Raven Wright when he said, “Chickens are coming home to roost. America will soon realize that the chickens are coming home to roost.  Racism will continue, but the world will know who the evil ones are. America will lose the power to travel the world. The world of the wealthy racist will become small. The racist will not like this new reality. The world watches the needless abuse of power, and the ring of terror against the people within this country, and fear what America does with power. The world saw what happen to Libya. The old racist America is on a decline.

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