Monday, October 30, 2017


Trump is racist enough to need to believe in his childhood stories of a white skin superman and the Columbus discovering America lies. Reality and truth causes him to despise the people who destroys his fantasies. This is a man that has the need to defend everything that is said against him. Perhaps someone whould tell him that crizism is a tool for growth. What kind of human who needs others to tell him what he should know about himself?

This insecurity causes him to act like a six-year-old girl who has the need to have something to say back to everything that she dislikes. He say that he hate freeloaders, has it ever occurred to him that he have always been a freeloader. White privilege is an America  freeloading program that have been in place for over five-hundred years for people with white skin. He now think that the NFL player should pay alligence for his parasitic welfare. The NFL players are the faces of the heroes that he thinks who should be praised. Black men are the leaders of those who was put on the front line to fight Americans wars. The racist does not want the truth exposed about their brutal quest to become humanized. The racist network is at work to stop exposure of the truth.Trump called the NFL players son of bitches, this would include his mother and grandmother.


I have had a hard time posting for over a year.  The racist is changing my thinking, and often posting is impossible.  Is this the racist network at work? There are many lies that the Americans have told to support the white supremacy and black inferiority fantasis . The following information is an example of the things that we are not supposed to know.  “The Negros critics of the Vietnam war centered less on the treatment of the 50.000 black servicemen than on such things as the high rate of Negro casualties, the aims of the war itself, and the war’s effect on domestic programs to relieve poverty and want. Negro criticism was over the rate of black inductions and the death toll. 64-percent of the Negros examined In 1967 and found acceptable were drafted, only 31 percent of the whites acceptable were drafted. In the same year, black troops made up 11 percent of the total American fighting force in Vietnam, but in army combat  units the black component doubled that number. Negros killed in action in 1966 constituted 22.4 percent of the total and for the preceding five years the death rate was  nearly as high.  The ratio of Negros inducted into the armed forces during World War 11 was 10.7 percent higher than white." “ Perhaps the Americans should pay alligence to the NFL players.

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