Sunday, October 15, 2017



The American racist believe that they should tell black people how to respond to the pain of racism. We should stand while we are abused. Perhaps they should walk to the front of their branding iron. If the racist would scrutinize them selves as much as they criticize others maybe will understand that the white privilege make it impossible for  America to be moralistic. 

If the American racist had empathy for other humans, they would see that the logic with the flag and Nate Turner is the same. The racist pays no allegiance to Nate Turner and black people do not want to pay allegiance to anything that is against them. The lack of empathy and racism now has two countries playing “Patty Cake” and Ping Pong with the Nuclear Bomb and Electric Magnetic, Pulse technology. Korea also has EMP. 

American is now using the Nuclear bomb for boasting. No one with brains would ever use this weapon of suicide.  However, the EMP weapon that will do much damage to this country is in the hands of Korea. America has a nasty history of abusing minorities. There response is to continue to justify racism when criticizing minorities. Racist never focus on the reality that white privilege disqualifies the fantasy of morality in this country.

American racists are foolish enough to believe their fantasy of white supremacy and black inferiority. The method is to stay away from truth. The racist game never allows a black person on stage who will tell the truth. There are often two black people who appear on television across from each other fighting each other. This insulting performance satisfies the racist, and justifies racism. This should be embarrassing to all racist. They are far too arrogant to understand this. This remind me of the slaveowners. They were shocked, and felt betrayed to learn that the slaves would leave. America still have a lot to learn about the people who they abuse. The world of the racist terrorist is getting smaller.  

Mildred Louise Smith.

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