Wednesday, August 16, 2017



American racists have used the control over information to maintain racism for over five-hundred years.  The root of this brutality is protected racism from espouse of truth and knowledge of  how to  stops this evil.  The solution to stop racism is to stop the  white privilege and entitlements. How can there not be racism when the policies in America start with racism?.  The racist fears  truth, and expose of the many lies that are narrated each day to  pretend that black skin causes bad behavior. I am an old black woman and I know racism, and the racist well.  Nothing insults me more than to hear the man who is wealthy as the descendants of the use of a branding iron. These people have only known one way of life and this was coated with white privilege and entitlements, and  who think that he qualify to  define the pain of this brutal evil.  He pretends that he has the knowledge to know who is racist and who is not.  This is arrogant, insulting, sarcastic, and insane.  It is insanity because there is no question that this racist, sub maggot is without empathy for other humans. Empathy is needed for sanity.It is common with insanity to find people who run from people who are not chasing them.This is typical racist. Chris Cantwell, cried on television, to para phrase him they want leave us alone.

  I have no objection to someone who is being racist. My issue is against the practice of racism. I believe that we have the right to choose whomever  we like.  Love  for each other is not the issue.  There are many family members who dislike one another, but they do not place heads on a post like the racist did to black people, to incite terror. White privilege, and entitlement are government issued welfare for white people. To use the power to bully and abuse those who are disarmed and powerless.  This is the behavior of cowards.  The world is watching at how America have always abused power with coward bulling. This ignorance has created more enemies of this country then we realize. it may be as small and evil as trying to buy a ink pen at a Walmart store close to a  black neighborhood that will write, or a eggs that are not ready to expire in five days. Racism is constant and petty. We now are wondering why Kim, UN is not giving up his missiles. The world is watching how America uses power to bully. 

It is hard to believe that we have listen to the racist's narration for over five-hundred
The American racist has always done a  good job of confusing the issue of racism while protecting
White privilege and entitlement.  Racism in America is so perfected to destroy the mind of black individuals until life is on the level of destruction.  It is by racist design that black people are often trapped into criminal activities.  The racist has used MSM for years to narrate any lie to get racist results. A good example of this is the OJ Simple case. The racist community knew that the serial killer Alan Rogers was the killer. The racist cowards said nothing about the Robert Blake murders.  The narration was not against him. The media had a mission on the twelfth of June each year to address the Nichole Simpson until the OJ frame up. The racist are sadistic and perverted.sub maggots.

President Reagan needs money for his war, Americans sit silently to allow drugs and guns to be brought into the black neighborhoods.  After black children are hooked, the racist news media gives a narration of racist insinuations that the skin color is the cause of blacks becoming criminal. No one mention that now Opioid are ripping through the white communities. Unlike with the crack cocaine use, America is ready to place over forty billion dollars into the white drug problems to save these “white Supremes”Racism is implemented trillions of different ways to destroy black people. The racist are in denial of this reality,  Racism is prevalent in so many way that it often go unnoticed by the victims. A good example of this is that the racist media has chased the minds of the oppressed in so many directions that they often miss the obvious. This evil behavior from Reagan have caused many black people to starve to death. This evil is the tool used to brake up the black family and remove the black man I spent twelve years of my life to graduate from high school with less than a third grade education.  I had to write a book to find out how ignorant I was.  Black children seldom received an education equal to what the white children received. I know many incidents of racism.  The racist avoid reality and then use denial in order to fantasize the white supremacy, black inferiority lies.

There have been five black men in my family who were murdered by white people and none of the killers served time.  This… TO BE CONTINUED.

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