Friday, July 28, 2017

Captial Police Heroes

Captial Police Heroes

The racist network of hate and human destruction never miss a chance to use white privilege to upstage the white supremacy, black inferiority lie.  When there was the heroic action of two Africans in this country, American racist could not resist the falsehood of pretending that there were white people involved. The goal of the hate network at all time is to ignore outstanding deeds from black people, to pretend that black people have done more to America than they have for America.  This fantasy reviles the  insanity in this country. It took little time for this network to realize that the truth about these black heroes is against the American’s narration of hate for the people.

This narration mistake was corrected by the time that Trump presented the heroes. Remember the rage from Trump about the young blacks in Central park and the attach on the woman? No one could tell him that they were  not guilty. He has a need to believe in the  racist lies that America teaches. He is an extension of the racist network. This caused the racist a hard time in giving credit to two black people. This is not the narration that MSM want for African Americans. The hateful system had decided to add white privilege to the shooting. This is a five-hundred- year old  practice of giving credit to white people that is achieved by other.White privilege and entitlements have cause insanity in this country. I heard a racist the other day say that there is no white privilege in America. A dead  goldfish could have told him about segregation, Jim Crow, the peonage system, low wages and no wages for black people. I refuse to stoup to the low level of speaking to this stupidity.. 

When the two white people entered the scene  of the shooting, the shooter was down, waiting for and ambulance,  where he later died.  David Bailey and Crystal Griner, the Capitol police heroes are the only hero. America is too racist to present the awards to only for two black people.
 “Had they not been there, it would have been a massacre,” U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., said to MSNBC.
Capital Police Hero'sAs we have seen in other tragedies, the officers ran toward the danger while other people ran out. That’s their job, of course. And they did it – very well. As we have seen in so many tragedies, good counters bad.
“Griner and Bailey rushed him, despite their own wounds,” reported CBS News, which added that a third heroic officer, Henry Cabrera, was also at the scene and shot at the gunman from behind a dugout.
Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Michigan, told “CBS Evening Instead of remembering the shooter’s name, let’s remember the names of the Capitol Police heroes who saved so many lives on June 14 at the congressional baseball practice.
The two police officers’ quick-thinking, instinct to confront — and shoot at — the gunman was credited with preventing a potential bloodbath of many of the nation’s political elite. Senators. Congressmen. Their staffers. All had gathered – along with children – to practice baseball for an eventual game to benefit charity.
America is racist to the core. The network of the white supremacy, and black inferiority, lies cannot help but try to promote fake white supremacy. We are all Homo sapiens from the womb of an African woman, with the same DNA.  It does not matter whether it was Trump or his mother; there is no race of people who are without a species. Racist Americans have the audacity to say that the victims of racism are “Playing the race card”. Who are the founders of racism? America did a good job in doing everything possible to see that I could not compete with white children, but I am not as ignorant.
as this man who white p rivliege gave this idiot.

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