Saturday, July 22, 2017

Equal Lives For Blacks and Police.

The narration of MSM and the impotance of the life of a police is that the  police life is more important than the life of a black person.  This  belief speaks  to a like of empathy, and  a level of insanity.  The inability for human empathy causes a psycotic response. The racist believes that there is an entitlement for white privlege.  It speaks to the deliberate teaching  the fantasy of white supermacy and black inferiority.  It speaks of ignorance, desperation, needy, greedy, imorality, lack of humanity, and Euro-Americans style of racism. The  racist  pretend that there is no reason or need for Black to know that their life  does  not matter in America. President Trump and MSM,s sarcasm, arrogance and cowardly bullying, continue to teach racism. Trump’s response to Black Lives Matter, and the fake narration that black people are  killing police, is that he responded by  sending in  more  killers police into black neighborhoods to kill more black people.

He pretends that police are in more danger from black people killing polce than black people are in danger from the police killing black people. This is in conflict with truth.  The truth is that the only murders of black people by police that is reported is when  a black person happen to catch the killing on camera. MSM does not report all the blacks that are killed by police. Remember, this is a racist network that is in progress for over five-hundred years.

I know no one black  who has killed a police, who is not in jail or hell. It does not matter to him that if the police think that the job is too dangerous, he/she has the choice to not apply. A black man did not apply for black skin  or  to then die because of what he has no control over.  Yet, Trump would swear that he is not racist. Trump has shown to not have empathy, or understanding of people without white skin. The goal of the fake implication is that police are in danger, is the teaching that the lives of black people are not as important as the life of a police.  I strongly disagree with this insanity.  Anyone who believe otherwise is racist 

While President Trump was in Poland, He  taked  about fredom for the Europeans, there was little doubt that he has a different level of fredom for black people in America. He praised the poles for their bravery in fighting and dying for their fredom while in America, Black people are told that they are playing the race card when we cry out in pain from truma, terror, murder, abuse, and abuse. He and most Amricans forget that it is black Americans who laid the foundation for the wealth in this country. He ignores the reality that it is impossible for equality, or white supremacy without equality and with a welfare parasitic  white privliege, and  entitlementAmericans for get that black people have not recieved one dime for our ancestors free labor, the Penonage system, Jim Crow, discrimation, incarciration for free labor, and the inability to find work. Americxa forget how willing this country was to rebuilt Europe after World War IIwith the Marshall Plan. Yet Black People in this country are
ignored when we speak of raperation. There is no defense for racist Amreican concerning racism except a systerm of cowardly abuse of power by people who have not earned the right to think that they belong to human kind.

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