Sunday, April 30, 2017


Americans greatest fear is the subject of racism. This cruelty wants peace while victims are in pain. I have experienced the brutal suffering and I now see the racist looking for a way to minimize this immorality. This causes a need to resort to a psychotic state with the notion that there is a place for humanity with this evil. My family and families, family are the targets of destruction of racist America. Americans insist on using the word "race." This word is used as a tool, that is designed to maintain white privilege, entitlement and inequality. As with all cases when a false reality is exposed, it also exposed the liars. With the most ignorant people, this is very embarrassing. In spite of this fact, we are to ignorant to process information. The teaching of the ;race; lie caused us to loose the ability for critical thinking. Americans are very fatuous, and sycophantic. This behavior is insulting, sarcastic , immoral,  insane and then denied. This is the typical American racist liars defense..

 Most white Africans  have only known one experience in this country and this experience is  being racist.  This typical behavior removes awareness of how racist that the racist are. This is the only experience that we have experienced on this subject. We are taught that there is something about pigmentation that should allow white privilege, entitlement, and inequality. This illogical thinking should insult the most retarded person among us, but we are too racist to be aware that we are racist. This state of mind reduces really into insane fantasy. This truth cause craziness, projection, and  subliminal self hate, where a pacifier is always needed to avoid  truth and exposure. . The favorite racist pacifier is used to avoid the subject is the tool of denial. We often talk about freedom of speech, but there are millions of defenses to avoid the exposure of the bare cruel truth about  the teaching and  the implementing of racism is within this country. America is the mother of racism.

I once heard Bill Press say that anyone who compare America with Nazis should be disqualified as someone to believe. This statement should not have surprised me because I often hear racist accused others of being racist. This acculization is used to silent the victims of a chance for theropy. The racist want to continue this evil in peace.  They never look toward a mirror. An example of this is I often hear the racist talk about black on black crime. These people are the last to enter the stage of mankind and have a history of the most brutal behavior against other humans. wherever the racist travel. America depends on this kind of ignorance, arrogance, and denial  of the people to be able to lie and hide how evil the people in this country really are. We are around the world accusing others of terror. America is the mother of terror. As a victim of this racist government and to realize that the president does not know the truth about racism in a country that he control is traumatic for me.  Perhaps it is time for Trump and Pence to admit that they are Homo sapient from Africa. It is also time for coward American racist to talk to someone black who will tell them the truth. If there was not such fear of truth, maybe we would understand that people around the  world want the same security from harm that we demand. Remember, it is not the people who we are taught to fear who created the weapon of mass destruction.

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