Wednesday, March 1, 2017




I am an American black woman and  I have never had a reason to  follow the Hillary Clinton female whine. She and I have nothing in common. Hillary is not a kind or humane person, and she is without empathy for others. This mother of evil is obcessed with an issue that is minor in light of human suffering. Hillary has no source of connection to kindness. Kindness is found within the head and heart. This knowledge comes from the ability for one to treat others as they wish to be treated.  I believe that when there is a kind heart found within an individual, that there is no need to read a book that is written by strangers who is never met, to know right from wrong or good from evil. With my personal exprience, I know that this is the gift that I need to guide me in judging the character of others humans. Hillary and American Christians or void of these emotions.  Hillary is  so divorced from the needs of others people until she cannot artiulate her own  presidental platform. This cause her to sound like a chameleon. She has to wait to hear kindness from others to be able to pretend to be kind.  Her record shows that she is willing to go into different countries where the welfare and cruelty of women and children are brutally viladated and to ignore humans rights. She has  rapped the country of Hatti. There are women and children there who are suffering from Colera and dirty warter while she used the money that was given to her foundation, to give her daughter a three million dollor wedding. When there is a good heart and head, the reference is common sense to understand the character of power hungry people like Hillary. 

difference in the wages of minorities wotakemen in America than there is with white women. She has never said one word about cleaning out her own gender house. I do not under her problem and her complaints against men. I love men just as they are. I remember when bimbos like her use to carry smelling salt and would faint with one short notice. Now she want women in combat boots.  I love men just the way they are. However, I cannot say the same about women. Where were the females over five-hundred years ago on evil matters against other females? As a black woman, I am well aware that I can die for having black skin, but not for my gender. I have always found it useful for me to decide what is in my best interest instead of the need to follow others. I am great in defining my concerns and I understand  white privlege, entitlement, and inequality.

If I had committed the evil criminal acts that evil  Clinton have, I would be in jail or hell. Both Hillary and Trump are deadly to black Americans, but Hillary main goal is to colonize Africa again. She want to open the doors to allow wealthy Americans to go there and finish raping this Continent  This woman is as evil as hell. Why is she connected to Margret Sanger whose goal was to exterminate "Negros" Hillary said she love her vision. Why did the people not get Bernie Sander while allowing mainstream media and Hillary to steal the primary? I have often ask, how many black people who voted for this evil woman know about her connection and feeling with putting human rights second to the economy in China.  It behooves us to run to the front of a line to see who we are following. Because I like logic,  if I dismiss myself from thinking, that the fake news, crooked media, and indoctrination will have me believing in a European God. I would then be instructed not to ask questions, and would not understand that  the fear of truth and exposure.  these created a system of cowardice's to avoid a discussion about racism from black intellects. The only black people who are allowed to debate is when the racist control the narrative, and the black promotes racism, is vetted, and with a destroyed minds.

The racist are are not aware that they are insulting, sarcastic, arrogant, and ignorant, and worst they are to small to care. The ignorants does not allow them to understand that they might be embarrassed if the would stop denial of truth. Perhaps they would then understand that their ability to abuse power at home causes hate around the world.  the racist might be that most people around the world understand their ability for abuse of power, cruelty, and lies, the power of the press, and mind control. The Americans are too racist to know that they are racist. American racist believe that Black people should pay allegiance to a flag that allowed white people privileges, and  white skin entitlements.