Wednesday, February 15, 2017


We Americans are indoctrinated by the mainstream media. My concern with influence in elections is with the people within this country. We know that the DNC cheated against Bernie Sanders and selected Hillary criminal Clinton. The results of that cheating gave us Donald Trump. If we stop the denial, we would be aware that our greatest worries is that we are " sleeping with the enemies" when our government influence an election. Russia is a diversion from the Democrats not facing the stupidity of selecting the wrong candidate to run for president. I am no Trump fan, but I would take a devil before I would vote for Hillary Clinton. I know too much about her evil, sneaky, secretive, ambitious behavior. Children are dying in Haiti because of Cholera and dirty water while she gave her daughter a 3 million dollar wedding. She also have exposed her arostrocars ties with how we now see that the media continue to work with her. I believe this woman is very dangerous to minorities and the poor.  I know about the many times she has had an admiration for leaders who were blatantly ready to "eliminate" black people, deny them their civil rights, and to impliment orders and policies to destroy the lives of the helpless.

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