Thursday, November 3, 2016


Must post
The racist designed destruction of the black family is aimed at the destruction ihas been in place for over five-hundred years. The target is always on the black male. The white racist is very insecured and frighten of the black man. This causes a desperation from the racist where he is willing to do whatever is necessary to conquer the mind of all black people. The racist is willing to use his mother, sister, wife, and daughter to achieve this goal . There are two kinds of black men. there is the one who is in love with a white woman before he meet her. and there is the one who meet a white woman and then fall in love with her. There is then a third kind, the Larry Elders kind of black man who was in love with white women before he met one.

This is a black man who has been mentally destroyed. This is the kind of black man who the mainstream media love to use as a monolithic symbol of all black men. They are aware that this is a man who despises himself and who is willing to say anything against people who remind him of self. This is the kind of black man who is used to further enrich the racist Americans because he is vetter to only obey. This is the one with the face that is always in front of all problems that the white man fear. Eric Holden was so correct when he said that the American racist are cowards. These people would rather die then to face truth and exposure of their insecurities. This fear causes him to rather shoot a black man in the back then to face him. These cowards can arrest a whte man with a gun, who is shooting at them  without having to murder him. But in their sick minds, a black man is such a threat that he must die. .

Must post.
Are we about to witness another Britain Conference, where the racist decided to go into another country and divide the country among themselves? The racist in America spent eight years talking about how disqualified Obama is as a president, now the system is rigged to continue his "bad" policies. Americans who are racist and mentally destroyed,  and do not realize that we are witnessing an attempt of a  government take over, with the rigged system to select Hillary Clinton. Hillary is their currupt girl. It does not matter that she is a liar, criminal, and selfish. It does not matter that the party members are aware that she has no plans to help anyone except her self. This is why the party is destroyed for many years if not forever. It is hard to believe that these people were so dumb. They believed that they could remove the will of the people and criminally select a crook.

I have witness the immorality of the America people for over eighty three years of my life,  and I appreciate that I am in my last days. In spite of the fact that the people of this country have always been low in character, morality, justice, integrity, equality, and bravery, we are now much worse. We are known to be bullies, cowards, murders, sadistic perverts, and sycophants. We have always saw nothing wrong with  taking from the poor and down trotted to give to the elite. We are taught lies without a trace of truth or logic. America have always taught us the "smart white skin" insanity. We protect ourselves from  truth by being a country of fatuous bragging cowards. There is nothing that angers us more than the fear of truth and exposure that will reveal the white supremacy and black inferior lies.

We are known cowards. We talk badly of others without facing them. We destroy those who do not follow the racist talking points. We teaches hate and when facing the media, we cowardly use those of us who have been trained and mentally destroyed. The racist have leaned to select the people who support their point of view with evil and who is threaten with thinking that is different from our own. This is the definition of cowards.

An example of this is the way the news media avoid talking to a black person who disagree with the racist. Farrakhan is feared by the mainstream media because he speaks the truth about the racist.  The racist prefer a black man such as Larry Elders who despise himself and his mind is so destroyed that he embraces abuse for people who look like himself. He is a trained tool that the racist use to pretend that he represents all black people. The American psychiatric Department should address insanity with the teaching of racism, but they have too much to loose. Americans are threaten when facing truth. We are taught    to deflect the conversations away from the racist. We are taught to talk about the victims of the racist. The racist fear the mirror.

After murdering millions of people, we follow a belief of Christianity that is a feel good lie that make us all fuzzy inside. We are taught to believe that the life of the lady in the white house is more important than the lady who has the need to sleep under the bridge. We are lead to believe in a book that is known as the bible, and is used to  guide us toward knowledge of good and evil. We are taught that a man called Jesus walked water and we should not question  this. We ignore that this lack of logic is in conflict with reality. The book does not work. Americans are so accustom to evil until they cannot recognize evil. The are facing an election in voting  for president.and many are voting for  evil.

Those of us who dare question anything are said to be radical. Americans are incapable of thinking. We only know how to do as the mainstream media tells us to do.  We brag, boost, and lie to avoid truth and exposure. We will never heal until we can stop the insane denial.


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