Thursday, November 3, 2016


AMERICA IS A RIGGED SYSTEM OF INJUSTICE AND INEQUALITY Americans are showing apathy toward the basic needs of others with the promoting of the gender issue. The lack of morality in America is exposed when we have people who are willing to chose criminal power over the will of the people, or to feed the poor and middle class.  When the primary election was stolen from Bernie Sanders and given to Hillary, this became a rigged election. The poor Christians and middle class voted with billionaires. We have been taught and condition to do whatever we are told. There is no longer the ability to use critical thinking. We are trained to do whatever the mainstream media tells us to do. We now have a president who is calling in this designed religious mind destruction. The destruction of Americans minds have been prepared for over five-hundred years. Now we are paying the price for stupidity. Whatever we hear the mainstream media tell us, we accept any lie without questions. This is mind control. The evidence of the readiness of mind control is seen with the Americans  embracing  faith and belief over evidence and proof. The religious system is the proof of mind destruction. We believe that a "God" that we have never meet, never seen, and we accepts the hearsay of strangers that he walked water. It does not matter that this nonsense defies logic. This lie is protected with stupidly such as "Believe without question." It is also protected with the right for the believers of Christianity to preach to us while we see anger with anyone who want to  have discussion on this subject.

of the  use the  media to tell selective lies to the people? It is time for the people in this country to join me and admit that we are functionally insane. Perhaps only then, we can start healing.  We are a country of people who have lost all ability to think. Women do not die in America  from their gender, but they do die because they are black.  This is proof that Hillary and Trump are  lacking the knowledge, empathy  or experience to understand that they are the holders of the branding iron. Both of the twin candidates are willing to talk on a subject that they absolutely have no experience with. The only experience these two people have is the experience of evil white skin privilege. They will never understand what it means to not have the privilege of allowed injustice, and inequality against other people.

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