Friday, September 16, 2016




I have never trusted people who have the need to read a book to know right from wrong. My eighty four years exprience with poeple have taught me that the  worse people that I ever met are among those who claim to be Christians. I  have no concern in individuals belief until it hurt the masses. Many Christians in America who depend on the bible for knowledge for evil, and who follow others without the ability to think, vililated their relationship to the possibility of kindness. This group are know to ignore the rule of kindness in accepting white privlege, inequality, and entitlement in silence. This network is the height all evil. They ignore evil and comply with the  They voted for handing over black people to the evil Clinton chameleon. How much did these voter know about this evil woman? Do they know her relationship with the late Marger Sanger? Do they know who Marger Sanger is? Do they know what she did to continue the starvation in Africa? Do they know that this woman have always been on the side of issues that favor the destruction and the extermination of black people?  Do they know that this woman is using money to stop the colera in Haiti for personal gain, and the children in that contry ae still drinking dirty water. Do they know that HRC brother is in Haiti removing all the wealth from that country for the next twenty  years? Do they know that her theif of the primary vote against Bernie Sander gave us Trump? Their are many more things that I would like to ask these voter questions about Hillary. 

The Democrats rejected the chance to endorse Bernie Sanders as the candidate.   The  majority of people believed that he would be the best to  help the poor. I have no more faith in the Democrat party, as the party for the people. Donald Trump and Hillary are both  insults to the AmericansHowever, Trumps remarks to black democrats about "What do you have to lose" with not voting democrats, is making sense to many black people.  The Democrat party gets the black vote and then allow them to continue the design destruction. Because of this fact, Trump might have an interesting message for poor people.

When a man is drowning, he will grab any hand that reaches out to him. Perhaps the Democrats have underestimated the poor Americans. They want status qua where they continue to earn four-hundred times more wages than the poor people. There are often many Americans who are hungry, and sleeping under bridges who are voting with billionaires. Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted because of thirty years of lies. Her defense is always "he did it too". Her secrecy reminds me of Hitler and the death camps. The Germans were not aware of this evil. Hillary and Trump are both dangerous for minorities, but I know what Hillary will do. If she treat the Flint children like the Haitians cholera babies, more black children will die. I will never forget the billions of dollars that were lost in African when she murdered Gadfly. Why is the Black Caucus ready to ignore this? These new Democrats will cause many people to later leave the party. We plainly see that these people are for helping the wealthy. When they had  the chance to help the most suffering people in this country, the poor, and middle class was ignored. Hillary will lie to have her way. She is a criminal and the democrats are foolish enough to think they can hide this fact. Watch the video "Clinton Cash." 

It is time for black people to start using their brains instead of following whatever they are told to do. We are not children or chattel. The media tells many of us what to think, and many follow without any logic.  An example  of this is the amount of Christians who are willing to believe that a European "god" walked water. They are told to believe this impossibility without question. They ignore the fact that the people who teach them this lie were the last humans to enter the stage of civilization. We often chose to believe rather than to know. It is time for black people to stop allowing the race bating of voting for someone because of skin color. It is time to stop the self hate. Wake up black people. The Europeans are not for you.

I have always knew the danger of black Christians. The racist are now reaping the harvest of the teaching of this white "God"

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