Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 I am eighty three years of age. My grandfather was a slave until he was fourteen. There are a few things that I see with young people that frightens me. I understand, and I am still proud of them. Our youth are going through things much more harsh than I ever did. Things are getting worse. I never had to worry about getting shot by racist police for only being black. I have never seen the media use so much time to degrade black people. There is little about black people that I am shamed of. There was much more camaraderie among blacks when I was young. We knew never to call a police on one another. I am proud of how people who have had every lie that can be said against us and we are still moving up. The white Africans were the last people to enter the stage of civilization and every lie they tell, can, and should be exposed. Keep up the fight.


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