Wednesday, September 21, 2016



The presidential debate is predictable. CNN and MSNBC news media will do everything possible to
It is the Christians who follow her
find a way for Hillary, the criminal to win the up-coming debate. This will include more lies. Their rating will suffer in the future. Hillary is going to also take down the Democratic party. She is far too screative and gaurded. I am beginning to believe that many Americans should fear her more than the Jewish people feared Hitler.

The Germans did not know about the Nazis death camp. I will never trust her because of my experience with people. She is heartless and sneaky and very vendictive. I am too old to fear her, but I hope those who have misread her know what they are doing.  I have said manyPRESIDENIAL DEBATE 2016 times that this woman is evil and those who think that she is their friend will not be able to help her cover up her crimes because she will continue to be a criminal. She does not trust herself enough to face the people. She knows who she is and this is why she is so plastic and gaurded. The poor people in this country are insulted with how the Democrats removed Bernie  for this chameleon. I promise that the Democrated party will be sorry for choosing her instead of Bernie Sanders. They forget that her favorite defense is “He did it too.” Both, she and Trump are an insult to the people. I would consider voting for Trump if he promise to indite her. This is the one good thing about the selection of the two racist, they are both vindictive. Maybe the winner will indite the looser. This woman should be in jail. Only a white person could get away with this bad behavior.  I despise the America system of injustice, and inequality. It is evil, and it is wrong.I will never forgive Clinton  for what she did to Africa. When she murdered Gadafy, Africa lost over $90 billions. It is time for black people to stop following everything that the Europeans tells them.

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