Saturday, September 10, 2016



 I watch the news from the mainstream media and wonder if there is any concern with the destructive lost of the phoney face of "America democary"? The danger of the blatant bias, and lies from the mainstream media to elect Hillary Clinton for president is very dangerous. This is removing the will of the voting people and allowing the media to dictate who should run this country.  The media is controlled by one party and perhaps one person. The mainstream media is controlling the minds of the America. This is opening the door for a dictator. This is the method that is used when there is a dictator put in place. We are about to turn our rights over to a country that  claim freedom. The FBI, IRS. DOJ, and DNC are are willing to lose all credibility to place HRC in the white house. Most of the reporting about the election is to remove Trump. This reality supports many of my eairlier post where I said that Trump is use as a sure-in to elect Clinton. Why would the extablishment be so determinate to put Hillary in the white house? America is interested in raiding the thrid world country of their resources. 

Trump and Hillary are insults to the poor people and middle class n this country. Americans are so easily mislead. They do what the mainstream news tells them to do. The wealthy people want to continue status qua. Poor Americans are so indoctrinated that they are voting with billionaires. CNN and MSNBC remind me of teenage girls. They are talking about what someone said and forgetting what Hillary has done. I have never been a fan of Fox News, but lately I am watching to find a
place in the media that is no so bias for Hillary Clinton. The main news is talking about what someone said and forgetting what Hillary has done.

I am NOT interested in “Birther or Aleppo. I want to hear both sides of all issues. Far too much impartiality is designed to protect Hillary. The Haitians want the Clinton Foundation out of Haiti because of the continual destruction of the people in these poor countries. Children in Haiti are still dying from Cholera and dirty water while the Clinton Foundation places Hillary's brother over a 26-year contract to bring the resources of that country. We hear nothing about the Clinton Foundation, bringing the toxic trailers from the Katrina tragedy that were known to be deadly, but the Foundation brought them to Haiti for the toxic condition to continue killing Haitians. The main media never touches this problem. Clinton destroyed the chance of billions of dollars going into Africa when she killed Gaddafi. She is an active racist. 

We have been misleading by the media that Haiti is extremely poor, this is not true. America is protecting Clinton because she will allow the wealthy to go into third world countries and continue to allow American big business to remove the resources and wealth from these countries. They will continue to pretend that their invasion of these countries is humanitarians. Both of these candidates are insults to the thinking American people. However, when I am drowning in mud I will grab the hand that promises to help and ignore the one who put me in the mud. Frankly, each choice is designed to continue destroying black people. Both, Hillary and Trump are used to status qua with white privilege, inequality, and injustice that they are completely without empathy for other humans. They both are xenophobes who think that the solution to the police murdering black people is to put more murdering police into the black communities. This is brutal insanity with complete lack of empathy.

Hillary and Trump are typical white Africans who, when facing a black man find the mirror in their own cruel, brutal souls. They fear any black person who are not vetted, and not mentally destroyed. We are taught that black people who can and will articulate the pain of racism are radical, rhetoric, or playing the "race card." We are also taught that a brain wrapped in black skin is damaged. The results of these insane massages is insanity. America designs the false notion that the issue of us disliking one another is the problem with racism. This tactic is used to convert simplicity. Who cares about individuals who have never met liking each other? This falsehood is in place to avoid the issues against people, with inequality, injustice, cruelty, propaganda, and designed the destruction of black people around the world.

The issues that America has avoided are reparation, inequality, and justice. America saw nothing wrong with reparation for the Europeans with the Marshall plan. Unlike black American, the Europeans have never been enslaved in this country. Now Americans pretend not to understand why Colin Kaepernick should remember what the veterans did for Americans, but do not have allegiance to what the black Americans have done for this country. I am eighty-three and will never pledge allegiance to a flag that deny me something as basic as my personal and equal rights as a human being.  I will continue to know that I know my pain better than the people who are burning me. I say to them, walk in front to the branding iron that racism holds and then know my pain. I am not chattel or child, and I know that no other has experience my experience, until then, I will define it. Many black Americans who have died in wars by a larger percentage than white Africans have. The lack of democracy in America is now exposed to the world of people.

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