Friday, September 2, 2016


The mainstream media is targeting the uninformed Americans to cause the belief that gender is the worst thing that the people are now facing. There are women in this country who work two jobs and are still homeless. I am an old black woman with eighty-three years of experience with inequality and injustice in this country and I realize that the greatest problem that we are facing has nothing to do with what a man say about a woman. This petty Hillary concern causes me to be aware that she has no empathy for the people who are really suffering in America. Gender is a luxury that most poor women cannot afford to concern with.

I cannot stand the idea of Donald Trump, or Hillary for president of the USA,  but I am for equality and justice for all. Trump is not working as the sure-in that the extablisnment had planned.  Americans know that Hillary stole the election from Bernie Sanders, with the help of the crooked news media. we accepted the George Bush selection now we are ready to crown a criminal. As bad as I dislike Trump, it  frighten and angers me that the people in this country are with such low morals. I despise the bullying mentally and behavior that is being used against Trump for Hillary. I despise the way the FBI, DOJ, DNC, IRS, and the mainstream media is unfairly ignoring everything negatively about HRC to take down Trump. I dislike inequality and injustice on all levels.

We have little ability for sanity when America continue to teach any lie that they choose, to achieve the goal of greed. We were tested with lies by the system for insanity with such stupidity as the pet rock, Jesus walked water, Columbus discovered America, smart white skin, a "Caucasian race", and a "race" without biological foundation. We passed the desired test. We are insane racist.We will never heal until the people join me and admit that we are not mentally balanced. We are lead by the mainstream media in voting against white women being insulted by men while other people are searching for survival. This exposes the low level that we are willing to go to feed the greed of the wealthy. If American is willing to do destroy Donald Trump, a billionaire white man, what evil are we willing to do to a black man?

I despise people who are ready to stand on a man who is down on the ground. Americans are known for abusing the down trotted. I see the lack of logic and the insults of the cowards in this country. I see the  heartless minds of many Americans who deny corruption. I have never had the need to read a book to know kindness, good, and good or evil. Moriarty is missing from many people in this country. To make matter worse, we are pretending to be a country of Christians.

This is suppose to mean that we are for justice, equality and truth. There are few of us who will see evil and stand up for right because it is right. Instead, Americans promote insanity, such as my grandparents who worked without pay, and I am told that people like Barbara Bush and Hillary Clinton are suppose to have the use of this money that was earned by my relatives. Call it insanity, rhetoric, or what ever, but in my world it is reality of cowardly abuse of power.

What make me more angry is how the racist in this country have the nerve to stand in the bed room of the Native Americans and tell them that if they don't like the racist mistreatment by the white Africans that they can leave this country.  It is time for many to realize that there is plenty of evidence that the teaching of racism in this country has caused insanity. This insanity has caused many of us to be fatuous. Americans are told to believe many things that is completely without logic. The Americans are so brain damaged that we are unable for critical thinking. We are so indoctrinated until we are far to ignorant to know when we are insulted. An example of this is that we have been told that black people will never vote for Trump because of an eight-year old word, (Birther). It is time for these idiots to realize that black people are not children or chattel.There are many reasons that that they will never understand why black people will not vote for trump.

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