Friday, September 2, 2016


America does nothing better than with lies, denial, and the protection of racism.
The first goal from all narrations concerning racism in America, MSM is always in place to give a narration that is biased to African Americans.  This narration is without any mention of the system of white privilege, and entitlement. After those facts, this makes it impossible for these racists are fair on the subject of racism in America. MSM is used to control the minds of the mentally destroyed Americans completely without. Americans have no ability for critical thinking so they only know to follow and obey. They believe that all Americans would be patriotic after white privilege. This is ignorant insanity.

Respect for the military and the police have nothing to do with this issue with Colin Kaepernick, s experience and pain with racism in America. America always protects racism. The issue is how much respect that the police and America have for black individuals and the denial of equality, justice, and reparation. America felt the need to repair Europe after World War II, but black people have received nothing for brute cruelty. Europeans did nothing to make this country wealthy. American insists on promoting a convoluted answer to the simplicity of self-preservation. Colin deserves to remember that the larger amount of men who died by percentage in the Vietnam War were black men.

Black men fought in every American war, so when a black man asks for equality and justice, it has nothing to do with veterans or war. Colin Kaepernick has every right to speak to the depth of his experience with America inequality and injustice. How dare anyone who thinks they are able to define another man's pain while he is the maggot who is giving the pain. Black people are not children or chattel who needs others to define suffering. This racist attitude represents a nasty amount of evil and an insane lack of empathy for other humans. America has no time to try to divert the attention from the truth. The American practice of brutal, evil is likely the influenced of cruel regimes as evil as Nazi Germany. This is not rhetoric; this is reality for black people in America with the threat of the more America extreme ring of terror against minorities

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