Monday, September 12, 2016

I believe that most people perceive themselves to be independent in their thinking. I think that we would be surprised to know how much influence we have from the people who have control over the media. I think that most people in America will follow anything that we are told to do, and without  logic, morals, integrity, character, empathy, justice or equality against other humans. If we stop the denial of truth long enough, we will better see the truth. There are so many acts of evil that we have ignored because of the ability to project our evil on to others. I once heard Bill Press say that any American who compare this country to Nazi Germany should be disqualified as not being serious. He he joking? This is typical thinking of the minds of many benefactors of the injustice and inequality that is so well accepted in this country. These people are not the victims of racism and have zero experience in knowing anything accept the practise. This cause a great lack of empathy.

The media is used to humanize all of our inhumane behavior. Here is a prime example: The media promotes the picture of extreme disgust with the murder of police officers by two black men.  Donald Trump and the media often speak of more policing against the killers of police. This story is told as if this is a problem that need fixing. The truth is that in both cases, these men are dead. What more can be done against the killers of police?  The other side, where black people are murdered, the police never goes to jail. The only case where the police went to jail was when the two black policemen accidentally killed the white child in Louisiana. There is a five-hundred year history of the white Africans murdering people who interfered in any way with their desire to abuse, terrorize, and bully other people. The media in this country is used to continue a system of hate against minorities who interfere with the rights of the white Africans to misuse and abuse other humans.

There is many sides to this design injustice and inequality. Americans would rather see me and others dead than to face anyone who happens to be black who they have not created, selected, and mentally destroyed enough to speak about racial injustice in this country. The rule is to find someone with a black face and any destroyed brain who will speak the words of the hateful racist. Those of us who fully understand the workings of this evil, can be destroyed in less than a second by the creation of mindless people who are like sledge dogs, they only know to follow and are completely without logic. I have eighty-three years of experience with American racism. I challenge anyone who has more knowledge on this subject then people like me. We are forced to listen to the bimbos on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News that  believe that they have the knowledge to explain and define what they have no knowled\ge of. But this makes no difference, after all, America teaches us the white supremacy lie and as with most things that we are taught in this country is based on hype and lies. 

The first wards that were spoken and the first actions by the white Africans when entering this country was based on fantasies and lies: "We" "Discovered America" "White supremacy and black inferiority." Native Americans as the savages,  the teaching of smart white skin, and the notions that all brains that are wrapped in brown or black skin is damaged. When truth is in conflict with reality, this is the teaching of insanity. This is the reason for the extreme insanity in this country

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