Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Americans complain about the politicians that we put in Washington; it is time we take responsibility for the willful ignorance that we have learned and accept. We are happy to do what the system tells us to do, instead of realizing that we are following the desires of others. We wait for the bimbos within the media to explain our reality. The results of this stupidity with the two candidates are when we vote for in 2016. We have the homeless and the billionaires both voting for Clinton. Something is wrong with this truth.

Hillary Clinton and Trump both will treat America as if it is a personal gift to them. The media conveys any lie that they want us idiots to believe. We are like sledge dogs we follow without question. We believe that Jesus walked water and we are to ask no questions. Those of us who question these illogical assumptions are put in place with stigmatize rhetoric.  I prefer to know, and I am not ready to believe anything without logic. After the election, we will then blame the politicians in Washington. We will not take responsibility for allowing this to happen to us. This is so typical with Americans. We seldom take responsibility for any mistake we make. We are defensive with the false description about America. This is the attitude that has kept racism so safely grounded within the fabric of our society; this is no accident, this is by design. America accuses black people of wanting welfare from social programs while we ignore that racism offers the white Africans a parasitic welfare entitlement, based on skin color.

It does not matter that it the minorities in this country who have carried the laborious loads of the building and making this country wealthy.The racist and bigot policies are pretested  by convolution simplisity. It never occur to the America that if we stop using the misnomar word "race," the separation of the African human family  by not correction the many lies that are told on black people, and allow equality and justice to the people  without white skin, that this would be the frist step in


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