Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Demorcary in America is now a blatant joke. I am concern with the braissing way that the people are being forced to accept the rigged election. There has always been a rigged, curupt system for minorities. Minorities who have not been destroyed are degraded, and often murdered for not being obedent. Black people in this country who are not mentally destroyed, are targets of sadistic, preverted, coward, bullies. The racist syacant are taught that black people do not have the right to talk back,  to have character, intergrety, or to defend morals. I will not start writting about the people who the racist train to repeat their talking points to support their insanity. America uses all kinds of

Nothing concerns me more then the lack of Justice, equality, empathy, integrity in the name of a false democracy. We are fatuous, liars, dishonesty, immoral, evil, bullies and cowards. Worse then that, we are in denial of these facts. We live in a fantasy world that treat tlike chattel and children. They are then insulted by asking if racism is better. There is no better evil. The arrogance and insults from the bigots is nauseating. The teaching of our ignorance, the murder of black people by police, the saperation of the human families is accepted and incuraged. Every one who has brain activity should know that all humans are from same family. We know that all modern species are homo sapiens from Africa. We know that all other spicies are exstenst. However, America and the racist are still teaching the people with white skin that they are a saperate"race" of people without a biological foundation. This fantasy allows a parasitic, welfare, system that provides a sick sense of entitlement and prviage 

There is so much that can be said about the serous condition of the Americans identity crisis. This is among the first few causes of insanity. My vocation and educational experience was within  in the field of mental health. I am no stranger to deranged personalities. Anyone who know anything about mental health, are aware that all the conditions for insanity are  in place in this country to cause us all to be insane. We are taught to hate people because of black skin, projection, lack of empathy,  that is true because we pretend to be in denial of self identity. The White Africans found the necessity to defame, deceive, lie, , The desire for denial is cause by extreme need for the white Africans to avoid the truth. There is a need for the white Africans to avoid the description that came from other Europeans. The people who were sent to America and Austria, were from the jails and insane cells.  The Europeans call these people barbarians, savages, heathen, and criminals has caused.


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