Saturday, August 6, 2016


I often have a hard time understanding the goals of the American people. I can assure you that I am not the average American. I  never learned to allow anyone to convince me that the media bimbo are qualified to better processing my unique information, perception and experience.

I am an old black woman with a wealth of experience about the designed racism that is implemented in America. I know that there is nothing more dishonest than this system of designing white supremacy and black inferiority lies. The students of hate know the  extreme insults that are used and accepted by the white Africans against other minorities. This system would rather see me and others dead than to allow an open conversation on the subject of the lies and deceit that is used to maintain the "race" lies. Most people in this country are without character, integrity, moralities, and fear of equality and justice for others. I am not the only American who knows this truth. The problem that the racist have is the hypocrisy that they are forced to live with and the need for the fantasy that is used to prevent reality. This is a country of bullies, and cowards who are perverted and will never be fed.

As a black person in this country, I know that my greatest fear is not Isis. My greatest fear in America is the police that are used to make the xenophobes feel safe from their phobias. My fear is that Americans are going toward something more evil than Natizs. No one can tell me that these people are above the same evil.  I know better. I believe this because of my perception and experience. I have lost five men in my family who were murdered by white people. No one served a day in jail. Without this experience, there would never be understanding of  this perception.

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