Thursday, August 4, 2016


The most factual proof of evil that can be found is the test of adults and parents' is  kindness toward children. White Americans have failed that test miserably. There have been black children murdered by the police that we will never know about. The new remedy for this problem from the media is to stop televising the killings while they continue. The fact is that we have seen for over five-hundred hears the murdering of black people in America. We have seen these acts of terror and brutality used as a   source of entertainment for the families of white Americans. These evil people have left the church with picnic baskets and children in hand to watch the hanging and burning of a black person.  With this kind of poison brewed in the America soup, we cannot be called anything other than insane sadistic perverts. We then are arrogant enough to pretend that we are too ignorant to know why there is a need for black people to remind the racist that black lives matter also. We know from exprience that white people in this country do not know  or care that the lives of black people matters.

 There have been black children murdered by the police  that we will never  know about. The only murders of black people that are reported in this country is the few times a black person happen to be present and have a camera that the police don’t see them with.  The parents of white children are heartless when it comes to the treatment of minority children. There are many records of black people being slaughtered by white people. To add insult to injury, when there were eight police murdered by black people, the media supported the police by moving them away from the black people who are murdered  by police. We are so much into petty bullying that America enjoys terrorizing black people as if black people are not human.

This is typical of the use of the coward  abuse of power by the American white establishment.  As  a human and  an African, if I would ever see a black person mistreating a child from any culture, I would build the tree to see them hang.  I believe this is true of most minority cultures.  This is certainly true with the Native Americans who I have lived around. The attitudes of  many white parents toward  black children should be embarrassing to those who think of  themselves to be decent humans and dare claim white Supremacy  and black inferiority.

people who claim to be a white “race” who started racism and the onus is on them to stop this evil.  This is a subject thIt is the at we are all embarrassed  and would rather spend time improving mankind. Racism is destructive, evil, cowardly, and very ignorant. The world of people is aware that we are all from one human family from Africa.  Perhaps, if the white Africans would face reality, they would not need to live with fear of
people who are not chasing them.

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