Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Hitler: " To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens". America certainly has mentally disarmed its citizens, we exist without the use of  logic. Before there was a Television, people were easily lead by the master messengers. Once the Europeans found that the Egyptians, and other Africans societies existed with religious peace, they plagiarized these beliefs and called it Christianity. The Europeans used this to justify cruelty and abuse of other humans. After over five-hundred years of Africans being terrorized, they looked for hope and came to believe without questions. Like all Americans, we have lost our ability to think and process information. There are those who believe and follow and there are those who search and know. I prefer to know. I trust those who have done research and study and who can back up their studies, with a willingness to discuss and debate with logic. The people in this country have lost our ability for processing information or critical thinking.

We rely on the bimbos on Fox News to sort things out for us. They convey every personal thought that could be found in mental health wards across the country. These idiots are perfect candidates for the same mental health wards that I worked on in my career in mental health. These women have spent a lifetime without a second of experience with the ability for empathy for other women. If they were not so heartless, they would not whine that they have no gender rights for something as stupid as a male flirting with them. I have never heard one complaint from them that America uses the media to sell them as the ultimate female while ignoring women from other cultures.

They complain that a women does not get equal pay for equal work, my message to them is as women, we should clean up the gender house. White women receive one dollar for every 70 cents that a black woman makes and 60 cents that a Spanish-speaking woman makes. We are told to follow the lies that we hear on Television about the Presidential candidates. We are dumb enough to have the homeless voting with billionaires. This is the height of the lack of logic.


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