Saturday, August 6, 2016


I am an African American. I have experienced racism my entire life. I am aware that I was born on the battlefield within the mind of the white Africans. I have never needed anyone to define my perception of reality that has the ability to remove me from what I know.  Americans live in a state of denial America racist are arrogant and ignorant enough to continue to believe that those of us who are born with black skin wrapped around a brain is mentally damaged. We have leaned the lie, to believe that there is a "race" of people without a biological foundation. We fear our African identity.We cling to the fantasy of smart white skin. We ignore that the fact that the white Africans were the last humans to enter the stage of civilization. We ignore the projection of self hate, cowardice, and insecurity  into the lives of other.We ignore the fact that the European history support that the white Africans were known as barbarians, savages, heathens, and criminals.

Europeans opened up their jails and insane cells and sent their criminals to Austria and America. In both countries, there is extreme racism. We ignore the plagiarism of the Egyptian and Africans cultures that is now identify as "Western Culture".  Americans are racist to the core. Who cares? Those of us who wish to be insane and play the skin game, I have no problem with them. My problem with racism is the need that the white Africans have for welfare and the parasitic entitlement, and the denial of equality and justice that are used to have others provide for them. We all should have the right to like whomever we wish. There are many white Africans who dislike one another, but this never interfere with their equality, and justice. It never have interfered with the believe that people with white skin need help from the Africans. It never prevented the evil belief that the labor from the slaves should all go to the children and grandchildren of the slaveholders.

The point is that they often disagree but always agree that they deserve all the wealth that came from slavery. The problem America with  racism is not us liking each other. We are taught to use this lie to convolute simplicity.  They all agree that the children of the slaves and grandchildren deserved nothing from their ancestors. America designed recism and lies to hide truth and reality. The police in this country are in place to protect these psychotic xenophbias from people who are not chasing them. We are a country of insane people.

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