Monday, August 22, 2016


America is filled with people who have learned to defend a system of evil racism. The procedual is to then deny that we are all racist. This country has brewed a soup for hate and bigotry against minorities who have suffered the pain of abuse, loss of livihood, inequality, injustice, terror, brutality, bullying, and more than insults. There is dagerdation, discrimination, deprivation, regalation, saperation bigotry, and everything that is possible to make sure that there is no chance of truth and exposure of the white Africans xenophobia.  Minorities are expected to continue to feed  on this deadly brewed soup combination of germs and designed brain destruction, in compleatly silence.
The minorities are expected to avoid the use of the needed throputic ability to discuss their pain because it cause the abusers the discomfort of truth and exposure. The coward  bullies and the abousers of power is without justice and equality. America uses the abuse of power to frame any lie, spend any false sernaald, or promote any  rheteric, to influnce,  indoctrotinate, and distroy the ability for the Americans to think. The day that the White African set foot on the American soil, the lies begun. The Native people welcome them, but their response to this kindness was met with the lie that they had discovered American. These are the people who brewed this soup of evil.

The results of the behavior of the typical mind of modern Americans is seen in many people who share the behavior of Donold Trump and Hillary Clinton/ Donold Trump rapersent many racist in this country. This man would swear that he is not racist while he continue to enjoy the pleasure of his white African bully power. It never bothered him to pretend that he believed that president Obama was not born in America,  to deny renting his appartments to black people or champain to attach the "Century Park Rapist." because he enjoyed the abusive power that he has against black Americans.

There was a time when I could have said that he had no awareness and understanding with the system of oppression against minorities.When he want the votes from minorities, this devil can articulate the parts of racism as if he is the victim. This is typical America racism. These evil characters know that when they pretend to think that black are playing the race card, that this is another method of abuse and bullying of power. They have used the power  over for over five-hundred years. The rare times that the public can get a true account of the low level of cruelty and brutality in America is when there is revenue for the message.
Unless there is money to be made, the racist want to continue to stand in eyeballs with high-heel shoes and then call the victim racist when he want to holler ouc

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