Thursday, August 4, 2016


The intention in saperating the lives of the eight police who were murdered by two dead black men, from the lives of the blacks who were murdered by the police, is the typical behavior of racist America. Before the news of the young black man who was murdered today in Chicago, I wrote yesterday about the cruelty of how the creaters of racism go out of their way to maintain this evil. I spoke of the level of evil that is involved when you see adults and parents of children who can divorce from empathy form children is an unbelieveable act of barbarian and savage personalities. 

These are the people who have always had the need to project their brutal behavior toward the people who they have sadisticly destroyed. These same monsters are ready to lie when interacting with minorities but have used their power to pad the lies to make a case within their favor. This is an over five-hundred year old trick. The killings that is publisized are the few that black happen to catch with new tecnology. There is never any concideration that what ever lie that the police tell it is accepted as truth.
 black people that I have known for over eight-three years, would help me build a tree to hang a black adult who supports the killing of any child. I can safety say the same about the Native Americans who I was raised around. What kind of maggot sperm that is evil enough to forget the damage that is done to a child that is abused?  I believe it isthe same kind of bigots that created the false system of white supremacy and black inferiority.

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