Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Greed is the reason that the status qua want Hillary Clinton to become president. She will get the wealthy business men into third world countries. The goal is for an American to be the leader of the new world order. The are making a fatal mistake in their choice of the leader. American have taught the world of people to hate those of us who have black skin. But what is ironic is that the racist are not aware of the fact that the people who have witness the mistreatment of black people have great fear of America. They are wise enough to know the extreme level of evil of the racist in this country. The question becomes if they are willing to stand by and allow a country of evil to control the world and gain more power. I do not believe so. I have always known that America had a financial interest in entering a third world country and removing wealth. They are destroying the wealth in Haiti and in many other countries that have resources. The Haitians want the Clinton Foundation out. Children are still dying from cholera while the Clinton's become wealthy. American business is placing Hillary in office to make possible this money grab. America ignore the request of the Haitians, and  they are occupying this country to continue to remove gold and other resources. Haiti is not a poor country in spite of their inability to trade.This is how poor countries remain poor. The West refuse to trade with them. Where was heartless Americans when black people sat on a hill after Katrina for almost a week without food or water?

Why are they now concern about the life of black people in Haiti? Hillary's brother is on the board for a 26 year old contract to bring our the wealth from that country.  Bill Clinton and Bush removed Aristides an elected president from Haiti to replace him with one of their puppets? This is how America have plans to get into the third world countries that have resources that the greedy American men want. This plan included the selection of Obama. Obama was used to get America into wealthy Africa. Remember the African conference?

Hillary and Bill are criminals but many black people have never read "Clinton Cash" or seen The Clinton Chronicles.  Hillary and Bill Clinton are racist and the black Christian fail to know this. These people who are suppose to based in kindness are a part of murdering and destroying others humans. Where is Jesus? No black person who has read or seen these two sources of information about the Clinton's would ever vote for them unless there is a mental disorder. America is ready for it's second round of destruction of minorities and the black Christians are aiding them in this evil.

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