Thursday, August 25, 2016



I  have experiene  racism in America and I know it well. Racism is used as a parasitic welfare system for the white people in this country. The need for racism for the white Africans is so great that they are willing to lie, steal, and kill. The Europeans history reads that they knew that the people who came to this country were ready made criminals who are ready for any gruesome behavior that would provide livelihood for their existence. These people were known in Europe as barbarians, heathens, criminals, and murders. When they arrived in this country they brought this tyrantic behavior with them. They were welcome by the Native but this did not prevent them from  lying, murdering, and abusing the people who help them survive. The lack of morality, intergerty, and often, not enough sanity left to understand the first rule of humanity.  The need to lie in order to gain a sense of self worth remains with many of today's Americans. There are many fatutous people in this country. There is no matter with what the minorities, and poor people think. Everything is in place. The voting machines can be hacked to influence the results of the voting. The states that are without the computerized voting machines are in place to cooperate with the influence of the choice that the wealthy and greedy want in place to carry out the sadistic plan for money and power.

In addition, they have found their perfect candidate who is willing to do anything evil and brutal for white power and personal wealth. Download Trump is right when he said that Hillary is a bigot, but so is he.
The racist media, such as CNN, MS NBC, and other racist stations such as Fox news are beginning to have the same common goal. This master plan is about to come together. This will mean that the minorities, and the poor, are going to go down further into the mud. I believe this is going to be a big mistake. This cruelty is so sadistic that it is not understood that the human needs must be met. The minorities will not remain peaceful while going hungry. They are not allowed the necessities of life. This includes a chance to work and be paid a salary that allow them to feed their families. But greed will eat its own.

America wants Hillary in office at all cost. Trump is used as a "sure in" for Clinton. There is plenty of wealth around the world that these slave drivers want to control. An Example of this is the Clinton Foundation in Haiti. Remember what America did when thousands of black people lost their homes, and was stranded on a hill when Katrina hit Louisiana? These black Americans who are ancestors of the people who made this country wealthy, were stranded without water, food or shelter for days. What did these racist, evil, brutal, sadistic, people do? There were those who came in and shot at these helpless people. America was completely heartless as long as it was black people who were suffering. Their sick, perverted urge was well fed. When they did pretend to do something for these people, it included bring trailer that were toxic. "Heartless Hillary took those same trailers to Haiti to finish killing the Haitians.

America goes around the world pretending  to be humane. When they find a third world country, with resources that can increase the wealth of the elite business persons they use the humanitarian lie to invade these countries. These same people live in a country where there more than five trillion dollars missing from the war department and there is nothing said. But they  refuse to pay reparations to the descendants of slavery. Now we are suppose to believe they are willing to help black people in Africa and Haiti.

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