Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The racist media pretends that there is a need to remember the victims of the people who the police murder. The crooked media uses the power to promote racism by pretending that the police are the victims withing the black communities. Black people have not said that all police are bad.  No one bothered to correct this falsehood.  There are few of us who question what we hear. The rigged media are not getting the results that they want from many people about Trump and Hillary, so they take the lead to indoctrinate the weak minds. . This pisses me off. I like equality and justice. I am against both Hillary and Trump, but I resent CNN and MSBC attempt at mind control. They want Hillary and any thinking person knows this. I have always said that Trump was an intended sure in for Hillary. This “Trump joke” got out of hand, because Americans cannot stand to talk to anyone who understand, or experience the extent of American racism.  These people love to talk to black people who stick to the talking points. Americans like to talk to black people who will "Stay in their place." This is a sickness from the racism in this country.  They have a sadistic, perverted belief that black people are chattel or children and despise a black person who they do not think is willing to submit. The supremacist believes of “smart white skin,” is parasitic entitlements, and a need for welfare. Anyone who stands in the way of this sickness is treated like a child; we are told that we should apologize for speaking a belief. This is very insulting. Who has the right to expect an apology from one who speaks what they believe?

The people listen to the televised Media for news, or lead, and are mind controlled like sledge dogs. The news media manipulations and indoctrinate minds to fit the desired message that people believed.  American racists are cowards on the subject of racism in America. There is nothing that is feared more in this country than truth and white African identity exposure.  These people face the greatest component that is found with insanity. They suffer from self identity and  denial. It is very important to these people to maintain the “race” lie. This lie is used to protect the parasitic welfare white African lies. They like black people who follow the known talking point, and continue to allow peace with their evil racism. Americans have controlled the minds and taught hate for so many years that they accept any lie that they are told as truth. These people are the liars who tell us that they discovered America. The oldest war the world has ever known is the war against the minds of Africans.

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