Wednesday, July 20, 2016


The problem with racism in America is not who is racist, but who has the power to practice racism. Why is it necessary to divide the human family by pretending that skin tone saperate us into different races.  Why do we pretend that that there are “races” of people who are without a biological foundation. Why would Americans design policies to destroy the minds of others while denying equal education? Why do white Africans think that they are entitled to a parasitic welfare that is provided from free labor from other humans? There is indisputable knowledge that America teaches racism. Millions of black people have been murdered by white people who never went to jail. I am a victim of five men who were murdered by white people and not one of them ever went to jail. This is a matter of record. Perhaps because of my families exprience with hate, I have never called a police when I have trouble. Many black people are now teaching that the lives of the  murdered black people are not as important as the life of eight police. Who are we to decide how should live and who shoud die. The xenophobias in this country  fear all people with color. This is a psychological problem that should be discussed. The psychotic fear of black people comes from the guilt of sadistic preverted brutality where power is allowed to useed to abuse others.

Black people are again being insulted with the attude of Ameica making an issue to the unimportance of a black who is murdered by police. Trump spoke of making more laws to protect the police. What can he do that has not been done? Both of the killers of police are dead. Does he plan to dig up the dead men and kill them again? Evidence supports the fact that the people in America are cowards, bullies, evil, criminals, bigots, hypocritical, liars, barbarians, savages, and are always ready to increase the level of cruelty and to abuse power. There is a sadistic, perverted character that is often found within the hearts of many people within this country. This is the truth that keeps these hateful people  threaten, and fearful that someone is chasing them.

The teaching of evil is so rampant in this country until there is no empathy for black people who suffer the lost of love ones from the murder of police. Eight police were killed in America lately and the media is telling the victim to tone down the rhetoric. This like telling people who are hurting not to  cry out in pain. It is also telling black people to avoid theropy. Have these people ever searched the white supremacy web sites? If they would, they would find more than rhetoric, they would find the insiting of violence.

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