Saturday, July 16, 2016


America often speaks against of people who want something for nothing. This is the kind of behavior that cause me to think that most Americans are insane. America has done everything possible to achieve control over the minds of its citizens. We are taught ridiculous lies that many are willing to depend on, as truth. Evidence of this insanity is how these people ignore the free economy that came from the enslavement of black people. The insanity is the fact that they believe that they are entitled while complaining about black people needing help. America does everything possible to  maintain a system to destroy the lives of black families. Black people in this country have never received equality and justice. When this inequality affects the African community, there is never any connected to inequality and injustice. This is used to pretend that it is skin color that causes this difference

It does not matter that these were the last people to enter the stage of civilization. The false notion that denial will cover the truth is failing. They have no idea of what is happening in the world. I have heard the question as about Isis, “Why do they hate us?”  It never occurs to them that they are known bullies. It never occurs to them that power can some time
become a paper tiger.

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